The structure of Lead --> Prospect --> Customer isn't respected in the settings


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    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for reaching out with this question, I'm happy to explain.

    The Customers & Prospects category is a subcategory of Contacts. In other words, every Customer or Prospect is also a Contact. Customers & Prospects category is just an additional way to segment and drill down on your Contacts. Therefore everything existing on Contacts (so Tags, Custom Fields etc.) can also be used on Customers & Prospects, but not the other way around.

    What I mean is that a Tag or a Custom Field created specifically for Customers & Prospects category is separate from Contacts category. Even if you had the same Tag on both Contacts and Customers & Prospects categories, you would have to delete it from both of these places, as deleting it only from Contacts would not delete it off Customers & Prospects.

    Contacts are flagged as Prospects or Customers automatically based on whether they have a pending Deal or a Won/Lost Deal or no Deal attached at all.

    A Contact remains a Contact while they are not associated with a Deal and are marked with the status of Non Customer. Contacts attached to active Deals in your sales pipeline are automatically marked as Prospects. The Contact will remain a Prospect unless they are removed from the Deal, or the Deal is closed.

    There are two different kinds of Prospects: Current Prospects, who have an active Deal associated with them, and Lost Prospects, a Contact who has a Deal associated with them that has been moved to Lost or Unqualified. If they do not have any active or won deals attached, they will automatically become assigned with the status of Non Customer.

    Contacts attached to Won Deals are automatically marked with the status of Customer. The Contact will remain a Customer unless they are marked as a Past Customer.

    A Customer will become a Past Customer when a Sell user manually marks them as Past Customer. This particular status is only set manually and it could have any type of Deal or no Deal attached depending on whether Deals were attached to the Contact before the manual status change.

    These categories are most commonly used to differentiate your Contacts that you have not done business with yet. Basically if a Contact is neither a Prospect or a Customer this means that you haven't done any business with them yet.

    So in your Contacts Smart List you should just add filters 'Prospect Status' and 'Customer Status' to your view and then choose the 'Non customer' and 'Non Prospect' options from their lists. This will result in showing only the Contacts that you haven't done business with yet.

    This feature is also described in this Help Center article -

    Another article that might be helpful in understanding the Lead > Contact > Prospects & Customers > Deal flow in Sell can be found here -

    I hope this helps but please let me know if you need any more information or help! Best regards!

    Grzegorz Pogwizd
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