Guide: Numbered list nested within bulleted list



  • Melody Quinn

    Hi Stephen, 

    The editor can be tricky when trying to do this without html. If you use the source code, you can use this where you need it. 

    <p>Will this do the trick?</p>
    <li>one bullet</li>
    <li>two bullet</li>
    <li>Step One</li>
    <li>Step Two</li>
    <li>three bullet</li>


    Your result is this:

    Hope this helps!

  • Stephen A Kairys

    Hey, Melody,

    Thanks for your response.

    As you indicated that the editor can be tricky w/o using HTML, and I'm not comfortable modifying the source code, I took a step back and manually numbered the inner level of the list (by pressing SHIFT-ENTER before each line and typing in the numbers. e.g,

    • One Bullet
    • Two Bullet
      1) Step One
      2) Step Two
    • Three Bullet

    To anyone reading this post, please do not take the above as an endorsed or verified solution, it was an on-the-fly method that I thought might work.




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