Automation Conditions Based on Minutes, not Hours


  • Jonathan March
    Community Moderator

    Hi David, Yes, there are times when this would be useful for our team too. Much easier said than done, though, because:

    Unlike triggers, which only run when a ticket is updated, every automation is checked against every active ticket, once per hour, rain or shine (for us, this happens at a few minutes after the hour). Given that design, there would be no way to set a condition granularity any finer than one hour, other than for ZD to run this all-automations-on-all-tickets check more frequently, which of course would be very resource-intensive.

    (The alternative would be for ZD to completely re-engineer the way automations are implemented, which would be a huge undertaking, seems very unlikely.)


  • David McMahon

    I found this app in the Marketplace that may be able to have automations based on minutes rather than hours.

  • Martin

    We would like this kind of ability, to action on a ticket which has had no assignment after 15mins of creation. For the cost of Zendesk, you'd think this was already available but since it is not, will look to the Marketplace, again.


  • Sara Ledger

    I would also like to vote on this issue. For our Severity 1 situations, we have a contractual obligation to do checks every 30 minutes until resolution which, as it stands, we can't automate like we can for everything else.


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