Blocking users or tagged users on user segment permissions


  • Maggie Ungerboeck
    Community Moderator

    Hi Marie,

    You are correct that user segments give permission to view those articles where the user segment is assigned so then by default, any users not a part of that segment do not have access. 

    To make sure I understand what you are trying to accomplish - you have a large organization that you want to give access to but there are a few people within that organization that you want to not give access to? So by giving it to the entire organization, you don't have a way to restrict that small number of people within the organization that should not have access?


  • Marie O'Brien

    Hi Maggie,

    Yes, that's exactly it. Essentially the company we wish to provide access to has people in different groups within it - one group (several thousand) needs one access, the other (only a few people) needs a different access. I want them effectively to be separate. 

    I hoped there was a way to say 'all the people in this organisation but not the ones with this tag' - but there seems to only be a way to have the tags (not everything but the tags)




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