We need a geek Knowledge. please tell me how to use it. (Guide/help center)


  • Jaïs Pingouroux

    I'm afraid what you're asking is impossible. You would need to add .htaccess and .htpasswd to your helpcenter, which is not possible.

    You need to consider some form of authentication.

  • Thank you for your comment.

    Yes, I know. :(
    It would be easier if I could do BASIC authentication.

    I tried to incorporate javascript.
    It seems to be restricted...

    I was hoping for some geeky ideas.

    Sincerely yours,

  • Jaïs Pingouroux

    You can add javascript in your template script.js file, but you may need to allow "display unsafe content" in your Guide Settings.

    But it's not a proper way to do because js can so easily be bypassed using the browser's inspector.

  • I finally did it!

    Thanks for your kind advice.

    All need is lock for now (I understand it’s not proper way)


  • Jaïs Pingouroux

    Out of curiosity, how did you do it?

    If you want to share the link to your helpcenter, I can double check if this is secure

  • I'm sorry.
    I've gone home.
    will let you know later.

  • Yuya YAMAGUCHI(山口 祐也)

    Thanks for waiting.

    I've tried using [var keword][function checkkey]
    Every time I opened the screen, it asked for password, which made it useless.

    Instead, I used [var refinfo][window.location.href] to make it so that it can only be accessed from another page.


    But I could use a moment. :P

  • Jaïs Pingouroux

    Well... I'm sorry, but the method you used is extremely unsafe:

    Your password is written clearly in your JS code.

    Anyone who knows how to use their browser's inspector will crack this is 5 seconds.

    I believe you really should consider some for of authentication...

  • Thanks for your advice.

    Sadly,the security itself is not important, because it is important that it is locked.
    It becomes a question of literacy education for my students.

  • Jaïs Pingouroux

    Ok, well, if your students are not tech-savvy, then it will be enough.


    Maybe you want to try to obfuscate your code to make the password less visible.


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