Satisfaction Rating Report Confusion


  • Amie B

    Hey Josh,

    Here's a recipe from the Explore Recipes list which will help you create a report to determine who the original agent was when the CSAT was assigned to the ticket. From there you should be able to build a more accurate report like you're looking for here. :)

    Hope this helps. 



  • Joshua Bentley

    Thanks, Amie B - that report is pretty helpful! What I'm struggling with is how to filter on the rating for a specific time period (week/year/month/etc.). It's a challenge picking which metric/attribute to report on. If I use "Date Ticket Solved" and choose last week, that only gives me results for tickets that were solved AND received a rating last week. 

    Does that make sense? 

    Is there a way to show only tickets that were rated last week (or whichever time period I need)?


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