Can I link my Category page to a SECOND category page?


  • Ronja

    Hi Andrew, we had the same "problem". It´s not possible to change the hierarchy. But our html-developer was able to edit the design so that it now looks like this. 
    Maybe there is also someone in your company who can do this easily?

  • Andrew Steier

    So the issue here is that I only want to format 1 section to look like my category page.
    It seems like the Section pages can only reference 1 style type, since the style page must reference the .section-container.
    Is there a way around this??

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Andrew,

    Looks like one of our Community Moderators Trapta replied to your post here: Target specific section with CSS Styling

    Hope this helps!


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