Delay in ZenDesk Talk calls



  • Jason Schaeffer
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    To begin, our first recommendation is to go through the steps outlined in the Talk troubleshooting guide. I also found this community post from another user who was having a similar issue with silent or dropped calls, and she indicated that clearing her cache solved the issue for her: Problems with Zendesk Talk. Although I realize you're not experiencing the exact same problem, clearing your cache and cookies can't hurt as a troubleshooting step :)

    If clearing your cache doesn't resolve your issue, then there may be an issue with the network. Therefore, please have your affected agents perform a network test at and be sure to take a look at the Talk network requirements document for more information on port requirements for your network configuration. Additionally, can you confirm whether your affected agents are connected to their network via wifi or hardwire? As a note, we recommend hardwire connections for the best call quality.

    Finally, if the network is configured correctly and there were no issues from the Talk troubleshooting guide, then it may be rooted in the browser or headsets your agents are using. What browser and headsets do they use? We have the best experience with Google Chrome on Windows and Jabra headsets.

    Further, do the mic and sound test on this website succeed?

    Jason Schaeffer | Customer Advocate


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