Agents should be able to submit CSAT surveys too


  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    I understand where you are coming from here.

    As a workaround, you could create a dummy end user. The agent would:

    • change the requester to the dummy user,
    • assume the dummy user's identity,
    • go to My Activities as the dummy user
    • rate the ticket
    • revert identity
    • change the requester back to the agent's own identity

    The show all events section would show the identity changes and rating by the agent.

    It is a bit of a pain to do, but in the absence of this feature it may get you by.


  • Matt McLean

    I agree with this request.

    If anyone is worried about "gaming" the survey results, the results could be broken down by "agent" surveys, "light agent" surveys, "end user" surveys, etc. "End user" surveys would be the exact same thing as the current survey results, and wouldn't be tainted by team members giving one another undeserved ratings.

  • Elizabeth Cochran

    Yes!  Please make this happen.

    Agents are Customers too!

    Simple example: all of my Agents are Customers of my IT Support team.  I would like their feedback as to how my technical support team is doing, as well.

    Thanks for considering!


    The UNM Foundation

  • Jim Strickland

    I definitely support this request. At the very least, a company Zendesk Admin should have the right to allow/disallow agent survey submissions. I am really surprised more people have not voted for this feature.

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    We have a similar use case and have not enabled surveys because many of our agents are customers too as someone else said!

    We'd like the option to configure surveys

  • Brad Bilotta

    Agents are End-Users too.  Need Agents to be able to Rate Tickets on another Brand (which we use for departments)

  • Dana Bowlin

    Agents are end users also.   I just need a feature where agents can rate can still have the feature where they can't be the person to work the ticket...but they need to be able to rate them.


  • Matt McLean

    Everyone interested in this feature might want to check out this new Early Access Program:

  • Elizabeth Cochran

    Hey, Matt.  The link did not work for me.  Is there a different one I might try?  Thanks so much!  Elizabeth

  • Brenda Harden

    Hey Matt, I couldnt get to the linked page either. Is there another link to research the EAP?

  • Kristen Mirenda

    Hi all! What Matt references is an early closed beta (which is why the link isn't available) so unfortunately we can't onboard everybody right now. It's not targeting the agent CSAT submission problem directly but it does address it in some limited cases. It's not ready for an open beta yet, and we don't have a specific date or timeframe for that. We're actively working on the beta but not specifically on the CSAT functionality at first. We'll provide an update when more information is available!

  • Joanne Cooper

    Our company just supports internal customers and in some cases agents need to raise support tickets for their own issues. Agents should have the option to provide feedback to a colleague/other agent who handles their ticket.

    The workaround suggested isn't ideal as we want our workflows to be as effortless as possible. Just having the option to enable the options for agents would be very useful. 


  • J Popely


    We use Zendesk throughout the organisation and because I am an agent I am restricted from being able to provide feedback on cases I raise with these other internal departments which limits the feedback other departments can use to improve the service they provide.

    I am surprised it has not been already but please can the option to enable agents to leave feedback on cases they have not raised be implemented as soon as possible?

    Thank you

  • Ashish Sharma

    Our internal IT department use Zendesk to track tickets from anywhere in the business. Some parts of the business (such as projects teams or customer success managers/sales) need to be able to see tickets and provide notes to assist the client support team in getting it through to resolution, and therefore have Light Agent accounts. They will also need to (at some point) reach out to the IT department to have their personal technical issues resolved (computer, software, network, access requests, etc) and the IT department now have a CSAT KPI. I have now discovered that Light Agents cannot provide CSAT ratings because of this limitation. Please can you get this feature on the road map for 2019. 

  • Pete

    We have internal users where they are light agents and requesters. I would like to get their feedback on our support via the CSAT.


  • Elena Castillo

    I find it really odd that we cannot have satisfaction feedback on tickets created by agents or light agents. Our internal need access to Zendesk to be up to date with our customers' tickets but they also create tickets and we are completely blind with regards to their feedback.

    Is this at all in your roadmap?

  • Pete

    We use Zendesk to service both external and internal (agents) users. Getting feedback via the CSAT from our Internal users would be very beneficial.

  • Kfir Luzon

    I would like to have this feature as well.

    My customers are our Customer Success Managers and they cannot send CSAT because they are light agents.


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