Audit Logs


  • Till Kothe

    I would also like to see changes to groups in the audit log! (or basically any change you can do to Zendesk settings (i.e. not tickets).

  • Kay

    Yes please. It would be great to see more logging, like activation/deactivation/changes of organisation fields, user fields, ticket fields and so.

  • Heather R

    yes yes yes


    audit log is useful to some degree but does not include some crucial info.

    we would like it to include literally everything you can't find in "show all events" in a ticket.  

    And the ability to export it.

  • Dan Ross

    Searching in the audit log would be impressive, right now it's a giant hot mess that can't be meaningfully sorted. We have over 200k end users and over 130 agents - being able to audit and investigate issues as they come up would be a huge time saver.

     EDIT: Did some math. We currently have 1940 pages of audit logs after being live for about 2 months. There's about 100 records displayed per page. That's almost 200k audit records. Why do we need a developer to be able to do a basic search through this data?!

  • Ryan Mumby


    An easy audit GUI with more filtering and data is essential for larger enterprise clients.

    As others have mentioned these are big points

    More types of data

    • All standard/custom organization fields for sure, user and ticket would be a nice to have

    Zendesk settings changes

    • Groups, roles, security settings, etc.... as our admin team grows this is becoming more important

    Better sorting/filtering

    • Being able to choose a specific users, organizations, agents, change types etc would all be great.


  • Edwin Yeoh

    Adding my 2c to this because it looks like there's currently no audit logging (or displaying) for when changes are made to the SLAs. Had to track down someone who had access to change the settings, and ended up asking support to go though the logs for me (not an efficient use of support's time IMHO).


    I'm sure there's other things that need to be addressed, but I just wanted to add this one to the list given that it's missing (and a feature that Zendesk has been rolling out for quite a while given that they are sunsetting the old SLAs very soon. It's somewhat disappointing that the new feature didn't have writing to a customer's audit log as standard as the new feature was implemented!) 

  • Abdul Rahal


    Can we also have the ability to see end user profile changes in the audit log, specifically email address changes, which I believe is excluded? If the downside to that is too much data is displayed could we have a filter to remove them if necessary?

    As changes to end user profile can affect customers, it would be really useful too see changes made to their accounts.


  • Heather R

    I agree with Abdul!

  • Socorro Fernandez

    Even an option to pull a full extract from the audit log page or even in the Reports section of Support would be a super helpful start.

    While having to pull this from an API and parse the JSON is an option when troubleshooting as an admin, these are extra steps that an auditor may not like to see if any sort of investigation is underway. This is becoming more and more important as we need to ensure we are in compliance, both federally and that of our internal teams.

  • Jeremy Holmes

    I agree. There should be a native option to work with the data. Even a simple search or export to .csv would be better than what we have now.

  • Pedro Rodrigues

    Seconding this... mostly everything from everyone here :)

  • Lila Kingsley

    Agree with Abdul & Heather above, we need to know when user records are manually modified by agents.  We had to grant permission to a user group to edit user/org for one very specific scenario.  Unfortunately, your edit permission is for ALL fields on user/org and agents mis-use it and manually modify email addresses which they should not do. 

  • Angeli Ho

    Need a tool with information to help the administrator troubleshoot the system.

    We have 3 system admins and sometimes I do not know why certain things happen and need to look for which admin do what at when.

    Currently audit log is useless.  It does not capture who create a group, who make changes to a user field, who did what and when.  And no searching or filtering capability make it hard for us to get the information faster.

  • Patrick DePalma

    +1 for the ability to export without an API

  • Pedro Rodrigues

    I'd like to highlight the need to include user-level mergers in the audit

  • Tod Kehrli

    +1 for auditing all admin changes, including fields, forms, groups.  And to be able to export results.

  • Pedro Rodrigues

    Hi, are there any logs for changes in Guide/HC?

  • Pedro Rodrigues

    Also, any plans to have any kind of auditable data for Chat? And/or usage data like for triggers, e.g. by accessing


    Please create a Audit log acording to your product category. Logging group changes, hability to search and export, etc.... 

  • Will Seader .

    Auditing is useful, but it would be nice if it included more data. It would be nice to know who is creating/modifying/deleting forms and fields.


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