What's in your emailed Insights report?


  • Jennifer Rowe
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hey Ryan! This is awesome. Thanks for sharing your dashboard and reports!

  • Colin Piper

    Hi Ryan, thanks for posting. It is great to see the community at work.

    I was following through this to try to visualize the end result and I struggled a little with # Tickets Handled. You intention I believe is to identify how many tickets your agents collectively worked on yesterday so I am guessing that in your workflow this would always result in the ticket being marked as Pending. Perhaps a more generic metric would be something like:

    SELECT # Tickets WHERE Updater Role IN (Agent, Admin)

    We may still want to filter out updated made by Automations but I have not perfected that as yet. I used a Filter on my report for Date (Assignee Updated) is yesterday but I am ware that this is not ideal either as the ticket could have been updated by some other agent.

  • Ryan Bajnath

    Thanks Colin, after I wrote this article I noticed the same thing and updated my dashboard accordingly.

  • Ryan Bajnath

    @Colin - is there anyway to calculate the average amount of throughput from tickets handled from the previous day?


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