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  • Debbie Graham

    We have been using Zendesk for 3 months and i've been searching on how to activate this, to find out that it is not available as standard and that its still not developed after 6 years of requests is baffling. What other priorities have Zendesk had that have super-seeded such a basic function of a servicedesk system. The email notification is not a suitable alternative.. we are already spammed with updates, new notifications will get lost.. Please Zendesk. An update on when not if, this will be available.

  • AgriVision Equipment Group

    I echo Debbie's comments and tried to get anyone from Zendesk to respond. It's appearing that you don't care about the customers' feedback anymore :(. 


    Community Moderator

    Nicole S. - Community Manager


  • David Brandin

    I also believe that Zendesk should have this as a native function. Many other platforms have this basic feature and i'm beyond shook that this feature is not implemented. Seeing that it's been on the "to do list" for 6 years is beyond exceed its time for creation and execution...

    Nicole Saunders Nicole S. - Community Manager


  • Ben Wright

    Any news on this?



  • Ron DePasquale

    Beginning to wonder if we should seek a new provider with such basic functionality missing and on hold for so long. If it's not on the radar then just tell us that

  • David Brandin

    @Ron Depasquale definitely agree with you

  • Ben Wright

    I have defects open that haven’t been touched in almost a year to add to this irritation.

  • Christian Blixrud

    This is definitely a must for basic support, it's very easy to miss SLAs when we are not notified. Even a flashing browser tab would be enough to take the agents away from other tasks and back to a ticket. Moreover, this is available in Zendesk talk already but not for Support?

  • Matt Harding

    This was a major part of the reason my company chose to leave Zendesk.

    It's really astounding that users have been asking for this basic (and necessary) feature for over 6 years, and no one at Zendesk has done anything about it.

  • Anthony Smith

    Yes, it is incredible that we are still talking about this???

  • Amie B

    Hi Everyone,

    Whilst there isn't an option built into Zendesk for this yet (yes sometimes it does take them a long while to implement new features because the architecture under the hood needs to changed or updated before they can build the new feature) - there is certainly a very nice 3rd party app from the Zendesk marketplace which can do this for you!

    Check out the SweetHawk Notify app here:

    You can even customize what you want each notification to see with this app. It's pretty darn awesome and I highly recommend it. I've used this for many of my Zendesk clients, who love the ability to be able to customize the notifications to the agents through this app. 

    Hopefully, this helps you in your quest for Zendesk pop up notifications. :)



  • Amisha Sharma
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey everyone, thank you all for taking the time to share your feedback with us! Notifications is something our team is looking into revamping as a whole so keep sharing your use-cases with us. How would you like these desktop notifications to look? Should agents have the ability to toggle these notifications off? We won't be able to provide a timeline in the next 6-9 months, however, our team will continue to monitor this post to ensure we capture your ideas or concerns. We'll also be sure to update this post when we do have more information to share with you.

  • Au Finh Saechao

    Amisha Sharma This is great news! If you can provide API/app support so that API notification events can trigger desktop notifications from an app, that would be extremely useful and appreciated.

    For example:

    1. Ticket is assigned to a specific agent via webhook.
    2. Server sends API notification event to Zendesk app.
    3. Event triggers desktop notification.


  • Steve Klein

    Amisha Sharma.  Please do not re-invent the wheel.

    Use the existing Webpush notification standard as defined by HTTP version 2.  They've been around for years and are supported by Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox, on macOS, Windows, Linux, and ChromeOS.  Those browsers all leverage the native notification API on their respective operating systems.  As long as the browser app is open, notifications can be received and displayed

    If you're going to build desktop apps, then please use the native notification manager provided by Mac, Windows, etc. 

    Both these solutions allow your programmers to leverage the existing standards for notifications, and allow your users to leverage the built-in tools in their browsers and operating systems for managing notifications.


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