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    Eric Shen

    Hi Rohini,

    You do have the ability to open a ticket in an agent's browser, assuming you know the agent ID that you want to pop it open for.  That endpoint is documented here:

    Is this what you were looking for?


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    Rohini Ishwariya

    Hi Eric, 

    The information is very helpful, but I was actually looking for something a bit different. 

    Using Zendesk API, I could extract tickets corresponding to a certain criteria. 

    I was wondering if I could open the Zendesk page in my browser displaying all the tickets corresponding to this search criteria. To be precise, display the search criteria as if I manually input the search criteria in Zendesk.



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    James Peterson

    Hi Rohini,

    My apologies for the delay in responding.  Currently it is not possible to open up a Zendesk search tab with pre-filled search data.  What you can do is use the Search API to display that information in a browser, though it will not be in Zendesk.  I'd recommend using an extension like JSONLint for your browser to make it more readable if you decide to do so.

    I'd also recommend you add your support to this feature request, which is for adding search criteria to URLs.  In that post, one user mentions a chrome extension which might be able to help you out.

    -- James Peterson

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