Dashboard "Updates to your tickets" mark checked


  • Kyle K.

    Thank you Zach, this is great! I'm definitely trying it out.

  • Julie Lafnitzegger

    +1 Copied below from another comment... I agree!!! Pretty please implement this!

    "Our agents would like to be able to use this feature to keep track of what they have yet to do.  They'd like to be able to remove each update individually as they work through them, leaving them always with a list of outstanding updates."

    It is especially odd that these updates do not disappear after a ticket is submitted as Solved. I keep thinking I need to take action when I don't, which wastes my time & distracts my focus away from new tickets.

  • Darren Bell

    +1 for this too.

    We've only been live on Zendesk for a week and finding a whole load of our wish-list items have already been requested and are popular suggestions with other users. 

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Darren -

    Thanks for the feedback. Hearing what our users need is important to us. Make sure you're also using the voting buttons on the original post of any requests you're interested in - we do look at those to gauge how many users a given request would impact or be important to.

  • Jim Potter

    I've just started looking at this feature and also feel like for it to be valuable...

    The moment I click on one of the tiles and am taken to the actual ticket, that tile and any older tile representing older updates to the same ticket should either:

    A) go away completely or

    B) change color and compress down to a single clickable line (in case I want to revisit it)

    I suppose if you are REALLY on top of your updates, then you'd be able to say that only the first "un-scrolled page worth" is important, but with the number of tickets I have and with the volatility of them, I really need to go about 3-4 scrolls deep to just see everything that came in while I was away at lunch!

    Having control over what remains visible in this queue would vastly improve its usefulness.

  • Benedict Marsh

    I found this thread looking for a way to close these updates, or adjust them. I, too, find them very useful initially. However, it is very confusing that I have tickets that are 3 weeks old that have been solved and untouched during that period, and yet they remain in the "Updates to your tickets" section. I have clicked on them, read them, and they have not been updated any time recently, so why are they still there??? 

    Once I click on it, and view it, and most certainly respond or solve the ticket and it is closed, it should automatically be removed from that list. 

    It would most definitely be very useful if it could be marked as "read" or whatever, and removed from that list until the next time it is actually updated.

    Please make this update :)

  • Kyle K.

    We're all better off giving up on this. There is no sign of hope other than the macro that gets pasted here every few comments. This is done getting done, folks. 

  • Syed Nazmul Huda

    I have an issue now! We have a master ticket assigned to me which is used to merge thousands of tickets of the same category. This actually flooded "Updates to your tickets" section in my Dashboard. How do I clear this without having to click on each of them individually? 

    I'm unsure if I have missed some important notifications. 

  • Jasmine Slater

    Thank you Zach- it works perfectly!!!

  • Neftaly

    I believe this would be a great improvement. Please Add this feature.

    Thank you

  • Neftaly

    Jannet wants it too. 

  • Jamey Pringle

    I agree with most people. 

    We would like a way to hide or "mark as done" (and have it go away or be archived) on the "Updates to your tickets" feature.

  • Matt

    Please implement this change or provide a way to just disable/hide the updates section.,

  • Beth Runzel

    It's 2021. When will this be fixed? These comments start 6 years ago. It's extremely annoying that you cannot remove these or at least mark them as read. 


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