Ability to forward emails into an existing ticket


  • Micah Mount
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    Hi @Stephanie CETTOU,


    Maybe this has been discussed above already, so apologies if this is a duplicate post.


    I found it helpful to create a macro that adds an internal note to the ticket. It just prints a note with the info we want, which is the "ticket.encoded_id".

    Here's what my macro looks like:



    Once the internal note is added I grab the encoded Id and pop it into the subject line of the email I want to add (double check, but I think maybe the encoded Id has to be the only thing in the subject? I don't remember for sure off the top of my head), and send it off to our default Zendesk email address. Viola! it's included in the ticket. 

    You can also use hashtags in the message to make it a private note, etc. More on that here. e.g. if you want to forward a message and make it a comment, but not notify the customer use #public false and it'll make private note.


    Hope you find this helpful! I've found it to be a decent, if slightly tedious workaround!




  • Richard Hartley
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    @Micah - the encoded ID can be appended to the subject.  That's how we use it.  We have more or less abandoned side-conversations in favour of this method.

  • Micah Mount
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    Oh--great, thanks for the clarification!

  • Stéphanie CETTOU
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    thank you very much for these answers!

    Unfortunately, this method doesn't really work for me, as I would only have the ticket #.

    It would not work on our process to run an API for every ticket. We would like to be proactive and if I ask an agent to run the macro to copy the internal ID, we will not always remember to do it. 

    The thing is that I don't want to follow exactly the flow to redirect an e-mail into a ticket.
    I would like to use an external web service, to add a notification into a specific ticket.

    Not sure if clear. However, indeed, the only information that I would have is the ticket number.


  • Lucas
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    If you want to automatically display the Encoded ID without having to run a macro manually, you can use this method.

    Setup a new Ticket Field

    1. Create a new Ticket Field (Text) - note down the field ID
    2. Add the Ticket Field to your Ticket Form

    Create a HTTP Target

    1. Create a new HTTP Target (Settings > Extensions) with the following settings
    • URL: https://YOURDOMAIN.zendesk.com/api/v2/tickets/{{ticket.id}}.json
    • Method: PUT
    • Content type: JSON
    • Enable Basic Authentication (failing to do this will cause the target to fail)

    Create a trigger

    1. Create a new trigger that will run matching your required conditions
    2. Add an action: Notify Target 
    3. Enter the following JSON


    "custom_fields": [{"id": INPUTFIELDIDHERE, "value":"[{{ticket.encoded_id}}]"}]


    Now each time your trigger conditions are met, the ticket will display the Encoded ID as per below.


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