Creating a View for Tickets - Last Updated by Requester and/or CC


  • YellowWebMonkey
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    +1  Same exact scenario and use


  • Brandon Cryderman
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    I'm also experiencing this issue, 4 years later. Any solutions yet?

  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hey Brandon,

    There's currently no way to show the latest update by CC user in a view at this time. The only available attribute that's relatively close is the latest update by requester

    If you notice your users are replying back from a different email address that belongs to them, it may be worth merging the user profiles so the update is recognized as originating from the requester of the ticket. More information on merging users here: Merging a user's duplicate account

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Jason Rampe
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    Hi Brett,

    This request seems like a very basic feature and an issue I've been struggling with from the very beginning. 

    Where the "Latest Update" method falls short is that it factors in every single action.  When I perform inconsequential changes to a ticket like updating priority or changing the values of a custom field, the date is updated.  Some teams may find this feature useful, but for me it significantly complicates my workflow.  Now I have to visually refer to the Requester Updated column to prioritize and as the OP mentioned, this date may not even be relevant as CCs might have commented in the meantime.

    The Merging user accounts method doesn't apply to my situation either.  My tickets often involve multiple CCs that include a range of individuals (ie different people): multiple client contacts, internal PMs from my company and sometimes even third party contacts / vendors.

    Considering that Zendesk clearly recognizes CC user interactions by logging comments in the appropriate thread, I can't imagine it's a big stretch to role CC updates into the "Requester Updated" field.  

    In reality, I would be happy with an even less granular / more universal date field that simply updates each time a public comment is made by anyone on the thread.  Update dates based on thread communication is native to every email program / system I've ever used.  I never had any issues with this method of sorting threads.

  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hey Jason,

    I completely understand where you're coming from and do agree that having the CC update role into last update by requester would be super useful.

    While this isn't something our Product Managers are looking into at this time, I've marked this as product feedback and will be sure to pass this along to the appropriate team.

    I appreciate you taking the time to share this with us!

  • Susan Maher
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    We also had a need to know who updated the ticket last and we had trouble identifying it easily because we have some automated processes that updated the ticket as well.  This is a little long.  I hope it helps So what we did was the following:

    1.  Created a Text custom Field.  Called it Last Updater.   

    2. Created a URL Extension.  Called it Updated Last

    3. Created Triggers to populated the last updater field as follows:

        a. When ticket is unassigned - we checked for comment present, status not changed from solved and assignee is blank

       b. Under actions we then enter:


        c. We also have a trigger to indicate if the trigger was updated by the assignee as follows:





    Then we added two automations:


    For the Automation Tickets Updated by Customer here is the Criteria


    Here are the actions:


    For the automation Updated by Agent here is the Criteria




    Finally we have several views where we list the last updater field to review tickets.  Here is an example:



  • Roee Aizman
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    Hey guys.
    This issue cause me to skip a very high priority customer.
    I mark it as a critical for me.
    Can you please share the eta to fix it?

  • Ben Van Iten
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    Hi Roee Aizman,

    I certainly understand how this functionality would be important to variety of customers. I can definitely make sure that your feedback is passed along to the correct team. We do not have an ETA at this time however. 

    If you you'd like to provide some context around how this caused you to miss an update I'd be glad to try to help out further though.

    Thanks again for the feedback.


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