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I'm setting up Zendesk for Optify at optify.zendesk.com.

We are trying to set up the "Related Topics" widget. We'd like this to show on all topics within several of our Forums. I can't get it to work!!

Here is what I did:

  1. Enabled the "Related Topics" widget in the Widgets area
  2. Went to "Manage Forums"... Picked a topic and clicked "Edit widgets on this page"
  3. I then added the Related Topics widget. 

Problems: 1) the widget doesn't display on this page AND 2) I can't figure out where to go to configure which topics should be related and show together in the Related Topics nav bar.

Can anyone help!?




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    Hi Chris,

    Thought I would clarify how the Related Topics Widget actually works, just in case there's any misunderstanding here.

    • The Related Topics widget _only _works when placed inside a Post, like this one.
    • If the widget can't find any related posts, it won't display at all. 
    • The Widget matches Posts by Tags, so if your Posts have no tags, there will be no Related Topics. In this sense, it's how you control what appears.

    Hopefully this will help you out with your problem. Let us know if you still can't get it to work, and I'll have a look into your account.

    Jake Holman
    Zendesk Support


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    Hi Jake,

    I'm still a little confused about the related topics widget. You said it works based on tags, but I'm seeing results in the widget for FAQs that have no tags. The FAQ page that I'm on has tags, but some of the suggested related topics do not. How is the system pulling them up as related if there are no tags matching?

    Also, is there a way to change the number of articles shown? It looks like it's 6 by default, but what if I only want to show 4? How can I change that?




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    Hi Brook, 

    Would you be able to tell me a little more about what's happening for you in regards to the widget? I can dig up some more information and look into troubleshooting. 

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    Hi Laura,

    Its strange, I just don't see any related topics shown (at one point it was working) and I have made sure that the tags are the same on a couple of different topics. But the widget still does not show up.

    Also, the option to add the widget when editing is not always available - I guess that means its already been added, but the option to edit it or delete it is not shown. In the admin > extensions, next to the Related Topic widgets, it DOES say "used on 2 pages" and seems to correctly increment when I add it to a new page. It just never shows up.

    I have created it like 4 times and then deleted (de-activated and then deleted) all instances in the admin. But I wonder If its gotten screwed up somewhere in the backend, because its acting funny...

    This is a page in our help desk (its under construction) that should show the related topic widget but doesn't:


    Any ideas?





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    So weird, I just started working on this again now, and now the related topics widget IS showing up (for some pages) but for one page it shows up when I am logged in as an agent and editing topics, but when I view the entry in a new browser session there are no related topics showing  up. However, another page does show related topics. Its a little bit all over the place..

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    Hello Brook,

    Based on what Jake posted at the top of the thread, is it possible that you have a couple of agent only forums that have tagged articles? If that is the case, it could be showing up for you when viewing it as an agent because the widget is able to detect these other articles and display them. If you then view as an end user, because you do not have access the the same articles, the related topics widget does not display at all. 

    This is really just a shot in the dark though, let me know if i'm way off.

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    I want to have the same functionality as Zendesk.  For example, when I browse to https://support.zendesk.com and click on Submit A Request, I am taken to the online submission page/form.  When I type in the word "Reporting" and tab down to the description field, a "Related Topics" box appears listing of course related topics.   

    Is this what is possible with the Related Topics widget?  If a user is submitting via our web portal should they be seeing the Related Topics box?  Because I do not see it with my test user account.


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    @Jon - Good question! It should function properly, but you may need to check the widget permissions, and make sure that you have public (not secured) items in your forums.

    Check the settings for who can see the widget - you need to make sure that Anyone, including people who have not logged in is selected. :)

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    I am encountering the same issue on my Zendesk account... it seems the "Related Topics" never appears except when I am posting a new article in the forums.

    Does the Related Topics widget require that some things are public?  All my topics are private to logged-in users.  I have placed it on the 'entries/' page, but it still doesn't appear along side my topics.  Am I misunderstanding the purpose of this widget?

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    @Trey - the widget should expose itself when your end-user is submitting a ticket --it's intended for ticket deflection.  Also, it should only display public articles.

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    @Jake I assume by Post, you mean Article and Topic, is that correct? These terms seem to be used interchangeably.

    I'm also having trouble figuring out how this widget works.

    I created a new widget, made it available to all users, added it to an article, but when I try to add it to another article it doesn't appear in the list of widgets available to select from. Do I have to create a new widget per page?

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    Just for clarification, the "Related Topics" box that shows up on support.zendesk.com when you type in a subject on the "Submit a Request" page is called "Topic Suggestions". Here's what that looks like: http://screencast.com/t/apySuedCw

    It can be enabled by going to Channels > Web Portal > Enable Topic Suggestions: http://screencast.com/t/NUUzJ9j7k

    This is different from the "Related Topics" widget which appears on forum articles (not the "submit a request" page) and looks like this: http://screencast.com/t/dCzNHEK8Tgc


    Once you add the widget to a forum topic (article, question, or idea… any page with /entries in the URL), it should appear on all of them. No need to create a new widget per page.

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    I have tried and tried with this widget and the Widget never shows on an entries post page. When I edit widgets on the page it doesn't even show up for me to remove it? The only way I can see it is there at all is via the extensions settings page and the fact that the option to add it again has gone!

    Please help


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    @Tim, you should see the app in your 'App side bar' which is on the ticket page - Are you wanting this to be a on a different page? 

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    I think the confusion is between what works in the Agent Interface - I have Show Related Tickets APP added and it works fine. And then what does not work in the Customer Web Portal where the under Extensions/Widgets the Related Topics widget is set - this is what doesn't work for me.



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    It appears that you have "Hide Topic Tags" enabled, so that's why the feature is missing. You can disable this by going to Channels >> Web Portal >> Hide Topic Tags. Once you have done this, you will be able to add tags in your articles again and your Forums widget should start working again, since it relies on tags to function properly.

    Hope this helps.


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    Thanks Jenny, I did not know about this setting now I can tag topics it's now working fine.


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