Show custom feedback widget when ticket status = solved only

I have created a feedback widget using a Custom Widget and a free surveygizmo.com account. The requester name, agent name and ticket # are all passed into the survey using querystrings. See screenshot attached.

The widget code reads:

<iframe src ="http:// www .surveygizmo.com/s/xxxxxx/request-system-agent-feedback?ticketid={{ticket.id}}&requesterf={{ticket.requester.first\_name}}&requesterl={{ticket.requester.last\_name}}&agentf={{ticket.assignee.first\_name}}&agentl={{ticket.assignee.last\_name}}" width="100%" height="300">
  <p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p>

(I have changed the iFrame URL slightly for privacy reasons)


I modified the settings in Survey Gizmo to fit the survey into the widget width (~180px)

I would like to show the widget in solved tickets only, and hide it in open and pending tickets. Is that possible?


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