What is the flow of the Status field? Open vs. New vs. Pending

My guess is that a new ticket opened from a requester email would be New. When an agent responds, it becomes Pending. When the requester responds back, it becomes Open. It would then go back and forth between Open and Pending until an agent marks it as Solved.

Do I have this right?

If so, do I need to set up triggers to set these statuses, or should Zendesk be doing it automatically. When I go through the flow described above, the ticket is always just "Open" - the status doesn't seem to change itself. When does it, if ever?


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    Hey Matt,

    New means the request was received but that it has not been opened or assigned to an agent. A ticket goes from New to Open when it is assigned to an agent or manually changed to Open.

    Open is when the ticket needs attention from an agent. 

    Pending is when you are waiting a response from the requester (the ticket will show as 'Awaiting your reply' on their interface).

    Solved is when either party believes the ticket has been dealt with.

    Closed is when enough time has past that Zendesk can shut the ticket off, only after being Solved.

    Jake Holman


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    Thanks - So I had it pretty much right, which leaves the question... is this status supposed to change automatically, or do I need to change it via the interface or via triggers. From what I can tell, new tickets are "Open" and remain that way through all these steps, unless I change it manually.

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    Matt, when the Requester replies to a Pending ticket, it is automatically set to Open (inborn rules, not via any triggers). When an agent replies to ticket, no status change is automatically made - the agent has to set it manually to e.g. Pending, if the agent is waiting for the Requester's reply.

    When an agent is assigned to a New ticket, it automatically changes to Open.

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    Eventually, the solved case becomes a closed case, right?   Once a case is closed?  Are we ever able to retrieve it and see it again?

    Where does it go?  And how can we pull them up for reference if needed?

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    Larry, there is a setting that determines how long before a ticket becomes closed (automagically after it is solved). The default is 4 days. Once closed, it can be viewed again in the View tab by choosing "All Tickets".  Before it is closed, it can be updated from solved back to open or pending. Once closed, the ticket cannot be changed.

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    If a ticket becomes closed (after the default 4 days), and the requester responds via email, what happens?

    Is a follow up ticket is created?  Does the assignee of the original (closed) ticket get a notification that the requester responded?

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    A follow ticket is created that links back to the original ticket. Depending on how your triggers are set up, it will come in as a new ticket with the subject "Follow up to ticket #XXXX"

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