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    Skip Moore

    The best way to handle that is by using views based on the organization. Set up a new view Manage=>views +add view. Make of the the conditions "Organization" "is" "your customer"  another condition "status" "is greater" "new"  and the last condition "hours since created" "less than" "720".

    This will cover every ticket whose status greater then new  that was created in the 720 hours/30days. Then just export that in a CSV file and import into excel.

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    I would like to run a report similar to this but i would like to do this for a number of customer depending on circumstances.

    Does this mean i need to alter, export and sort the report every time i want to run this a different customer ?

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    Terri Quist

    Is there anyway to automate this sort of report so that I get a csv file emailed to me at a particular date interval?

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hi Terri!

    You can set up reports to be send out via email if you're using Insights for your reporting. However, if you're on the Team/Regular plan or lower, you don't have access to Insights. If this is the case, you'll be using our Native Reporting tool, and I'm afraid emailed reports is not available there.

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