Close ticket and forward reply? Macro?

I´m looking for a way to have my agents close certain tickets (tickets not meant for our support) and at the samt time forward the original message to another e-mailadress.
1. Users A send a request to Zendesk
2. Agent B looks at the questionin Zendesk and come to the conclusion that this case was not meant for the Zendesksupport.
3. Agent B "solves/closes" the ticket and automatically notifys user A by e-mail.
4. This is where my question/requst comes in. How do I get the Zendesk to forward the orginal request from user A (1.) to another e-mailadress (not a Zendesk Agent)automatically? Can it be done with a macro or is there another way to do it?

Thankful for any hints or suggestions


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