Zendesk and Getsatisfaction... best practices?


We're getting ready to launch our web-based offering in a couple of weeks and we've been toying with both Getsatisfaction and Zendesk.

I can see clearly how Zendesk is good for ticketing and how it can be coerced into being a KB by hacking the forums.

Getsatisfaction seems to be good at idea voting.

So what do folks out there recommend as the flow for users of our service? E.g.

Our product website > GetSat > Zendesk


Our product website > Zendesk > Getsat


Our product website > links to both sites


or something else?


I'm trying to see how these two services fit together to make a better overall solution for customers. Do I encourage discussion at Getsat or at Zendesk? Maybe I'm overcomplicating it and should simply stick to one of the services to start with?

All you Pros out there please chip in! :-)



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