Zendesk and Getsatisfaction... best practices?


We're getting ready to launch our web-based offering in a couple of weeks and we've been toying with both Getsatisfaction and Zendesk.

I can see clearly how Zendesk is good for ticketing and how it can be coerced into being a KB by hacking the forums.

Getsatisfaction seems to be good at idea voting.

So what do folks out there recommend as the flow for users of our service? E.g.

Our product website > GetSat > Zendesk


Our product website > Zendesk > Getsat


Our product website > links to both sites


or something else?


I'm trying to see how these two services fit together to make a better overall solution for customers. Do I encourage discussion at Getsat or at Zendesk? Maybe I'm overcomplicating it and should simply stick to one of the services to start with?

All you Pros out there please chip in! :-)



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    I just deployed both systems. We are directing our customers as a whole to use Get Satisfaction first; either through the feedback widget or by going to the site directly. If an issue needs to be dealt with "one-on-one" or will eventually be redirected to our development team for resolution, then we use the integration between the two to import the GS topic into Zendesk. These two systems really compliment each other well. There's some overlap, but each has strengths that you should leverage. If you're interested, I have more details on how I rolled out the two systems for my company at http://bit.ly/bM3UHN 

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    Sorry, that bit.ly link has a space stuck in it. Here's the full link http://pmtracy.posterous.com/rolling-out-get-satisfaction-zendesk-and-base

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    Getsatisfaction seems to be satisfying to a good extent even customer support, couldn't figure out the 'stand-out' strength / reason to use zendesk also along with GS. if u cld elaborate a little, would be of great value

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    Our customers are law enforcement agencies and there are times when we need to exchange information that is somewhat sensitive when we're trying to resolve issues. Since Get Satisfaction is completely open, we can't rely solely on that site. Zendesk allows us to work on issues in a more secure environment. Also, the ability to build business process workflows using automations and notifications in Zendesk helps us meet our ISO documented escalation plan. That said, I have seen companies use Get Satisfaction as their only support mechanism.

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    It seems that zendesk has implemented a lot of the feature voting and online support help knowledge base features of getsatisfaction.  Having both almost seems redundant.   Getsatisfaction does have a cleaner interface for voting on feature requests and showing issues vs feature etc.

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    I'd love to hear other peoples uses of both systems and how they use them together.

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    Ah! I agree with @Anthony's comment, using both GetSatisfaction and Zendesk seems redundant. I'm trying to encourage more community interaction on my company's Zendesk, and the only real advantage I can see of GetSatisfaction is that users are able to vote on people's comments, just like Yahoo Answers. 

    Right now, moderators can mark Zendesk Question Forums as answered, but it would be great if users could like each other's comments, just like Facebook and GetSatisfaction. 

    If Zendesk had that capability for users to like other users' comments, I don't think there'd be a doubt of who'd be better. Zendesk would win by far. 

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    As GetSatisfaction increased the price to $1200 per month, we are evaluating switching to Zendesk.

    The only thing I noticed so far is that  Zendesk is a bit too simple with topics/ categorisation. I'm guessing this will affect reports?


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    We are not looking for a ticketing system as yet, just knowledge base (help page) and forum. 

    Currently, we use own help page + GS. If your company fully uses Zendesk for both help page and forum, I'd like to hear about your experience!

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