How to change subdomain name?

Company name has changed, how do we change our subdomain name, i.e. from acme.zendesk.com to foobar.zendesk.com? Is there some way of exporting all our data, tickets, etc. and reimporting into a new account?


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    Hey all,

    Account owners can actually change their own subdomains from within their portal by clicking the cog in the bottom-left of the screen. Under Settings, click Account and then select the Branding tab. You'll find the Subdomain section on this page.

    For Zendesk Classic users, simply hover over Settings to find the Account button.

    Please be aware that renaming your subdomain can have some unintended side effects. Before making such a change, please check out our support article: https://support.zendesk.com/entries/22270798

    Cheers, Elyse

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