Is there an option to turn off email notification for a user?



  • Skip Moore
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi Kees,

    Just put that user in to a organization and add a condition to all your triggers "organization" "is not" "his org" this wil cause the triggers not to fire for any ticket that is from a user in that organization. 


  • Jon

    Budding in here...


    Does the order in which the triggers (or the conditions within a specific trigger) are listed have any relevance? I ask because there are circumstances in which I would like to be able to create tickets for my clients and not have them notified. Just for internal problems that I have noticed and want to open up a ticket for tracking purposes, but I don't want them getting random help desk emails when I do so.

    I'm thinking that I can modify the default Notify requester trigger by adding the condition "Requester is not me" and that should do it, but I'm not sure. Does that sound reasonable?


  • Anthony Tippett

    This needs to be much easier than a trigger..  Should be an option at the email level under manage people

  • EricBrooks

    I agree with Anthony on this one.  I am a one man company, and part of the reason for switching to this is to get it out of my inbox.

  • Justin Graves

    Skip is right on -- if you have people who never want to get email notifications.

    But we have solved the problem of not sending future emails per ticket to requesters (not CC's -- I'll get to that in a minute) by adding a ticket field called "No more email".

    It's a yes/no option that can be checked when a ticket is being crated or after it has already been created.  Our triggers that email requesters just look for that field to be "no".  If it's yes (checked) than the trigger is not triggered and no email gets sent to that requester.

    Now on to CC's -- As far as I can tell, the only way to stop them from getting emails is to remove them from the ticket.  But they will still get notified when someone emails your zendesk and CC's that person.  And as long as you allow CC's to automatically be added to tickets (that's a setting) and have them emailed by default (also a setting) I don't think there is a way to prevent a specific user from getting an email notification when someone CC's them.

    Clear as mud?  Great.  Add a comment if something doesn't make sense and I'll try to clarify.

  • Andrew J
    Community Moderator

    Great idea Justin,

    You could even make this available to users and/or agents to SELECT if they want notifications.

  • Ty Cooper

    @Justin - Can you help me out a little bit. I'm new to Zendesk, but would like the flexibility to disable email notifications per ticket. What do I need to do to set that up? 

  • Trisha Patel

    @Ty- How about using a tag condition?

    You can add a tag to a user profile under settings > people > edit or even tag the tickets. You can name the tag anything you like for example do_not_notify (spaces should be replaced with _). All you need to do then is to edit the appropriate trigger by selecting Settings > Triggers > Edit the relevant trigger > Add condition which reads the following: Tags > Contains none of the following > do_not_notify


  • Ty Cooper

    Thank you!

    Below is how I have this currently configured in the Triggers setting:

    Meet all of the following condition:

    Ticket:Tags – Contains none of the following – do_not_notify

    What should the settings be for the section “Perform these actions”?

  • Ty Cooper

    Update: I think I've got it working...

    Thank you Trisha!

  • David Zulaica

    I second Andrew's suggestion. Receiving e-mails for every action only increases clutter when I have the iOS app installed. This should be a per-user setting.

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    Justin has a good point, this is NOT possible to turn off for CCs on a ticket. they will always get updates. 

    Am I correct?

  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    Yes, you are correct. Agents are always notified if they are CCed on a ticket. Customers are always CCed for public comments.

  • Laurent Raufaste

    This is really poor design, we need to be able to disable email notifications on a user-level, not trigger level.

  • Nino Skopac

    Totally agree with Laurent

  • Sean C

    This is annoying. Suspending email traffic from your app should be a simple user preference setting.

  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    @Sean, it’s not necessarily easy - but we were able to make it feel easy to opt out for our customers and we haven’t had to do much maintenance on it since we implemented our solution. 

    I wrote a tip a while back on how we approached a similar problem.  We set it up as a per ticket scenario (so the customer has the option to receive emails for important tickets.  We maintained some emails in our implementation, but you could expand it to send no emails and to update a user field checkbox as part of the trigger to use as a tag to completely disable notifications as well. 

    Per Ticket, User, or Organization Notification Opt Out



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