XML Export doesn't include attachments - How can I get a backup/extract of my attachments?

Hi, I'm now on a Plus+ plan, partly to get full backups of forums & tickets, however it seems that the backups don't include attachments.

Is there a way to get an export or backup of attachments?




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    In each ticket XML is the attachment section which gives you the link to the file. Create a script to look for

    <attachments type="array">
    <created-at type="datetime">2010-09-22T06:56:03-07:00</created-at>
    <id type="integer">9651681</id>
    <is-public type="boolean">true</is-public>
    <size type="integer">381952</size>

    the tag URL and then use a curl or wget to download it to your server.


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    That's the answer - program something with the api?

    Are you all working on something to do it? Or could you refer us to a consulting agency that could perform the service?

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    mark axelson

    Can you make this easier than having to mess with the API?

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    I second the suggestion for a feature to backup images with the text of forum posts.  Zendesk has begun to hold a serious amount of critical internal information, and the images are as much a part of that as the text.  This is an important feature.

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    +1 for sure!!

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    That this is only available with the API is not acceptable. We invest a lot of time uploading information to the forums - we have to have a way of backing it up. Huge +1. 

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    Agreed.  +2

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    Hi Guys,

    Are people still looking for this? I notice Mario mentioned he was happy to get a consulting firm in. I'm sure we can help here. I guess I would need to understand what people would need though.

    Do you need to back these up locally, or over FTP (of your choice/we can provide options)? Any other criteria?


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