How to export users as a bulk vCard?

Working on integration with a CRM package - and would like to do a bulk export of all of my Zendesk 'people' as a single vCard. As a CSV file would work too - but vCard is a lot easier.

Is there a way to do this that I'm not seeing?

I know that I can click on each user individually and save as a single vCard, but doing that 233 times isn't appealing. Ideas?


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    Looks like I could get user details pretty easily with curl... could write a sh script to loop through all the user id's and get those.. then convert to vcard format... ugh.

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    NM - I clicked on EVERY ONE OF THESE.

    Also - about 20% of my 'users' were spambot autofillers. Has that been addressed elsewhere?

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    @ Skip Sorry for the delay in answering here. There is not a way to convert directly to a vcard but you can export to XML direecly in the helpdesk on either a Plus or Enterprise account. Many customers with this need using out REST API to query the data (as you do in your second post). You can find out more about how to use the REST API here :


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