Multilanguage helpdesk: Feedback on using zendesk in several languages?


Our site is in several languages and we provide customer support in 5 languages.

  • I'd like to have several instances of our FAQs, one for each language, that would be displayed depending on user language profile.

  • And I'd like triggers which assign tickets to the right customer support agent depending on the language selected by the requester. Of course autoreply emails would also need to be sent in the right language.

I'm investigating about how to setup zendesk as described, but I don't find clear documentation about how to configure zendesk as multilanguage helpdesk tool. I rather find tips and tricks answering specifics needs, thus i wonder if zendesk really matches our needs.

Do you guys have feedback about using zendesk in a multilingual environment?



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    I would be really interested in this particular feature as well. At the moment the language tool simply translates the main navigation elements and nothing more, which can hardly be considered a multilingual helpdesk service.

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    Ditto here. For multilanguage to really work, we need at a minimum the ability to customize triggered emails and default messages.

    Nice to have would be:

    • Widgets per language
    • Forums per language
    • FAQs per language
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    You can restrict forum topics (on PLUS+) to the language the end-user selects when logging into Zendesk. So you could have 5 FAQ sites in 5 different languages but the end-user will only see the one that is relevant to there selected language. 

    We are planning to build multi-front end and reply addresses options on one Zendesk account, so I would advise voting and making any suggestions on the feature request here https://support.zendesk.com/entries/16327-multiple-front-ends-and-reply-to-addresses



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    I'm trying to test different languages but can't figure out how to hide all English forums from non-English users. This option when editing forums allows me to select my other 4 languages, but not English:

    Restrict access to users whose language is:

    I also can't figure out how to restrict the category by language, only the individual forum entries.

    I'm currently using our starter account and we plan to upgrade to Plus/Enterprise agreement once we are comfortable with multi-language support.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Hi Eric, 

    You will need to check English as a additional language in ACCOUNT > Personalize your Zendesk

    It won't be duplicated when end-user sees the language selection options.

    It's not possible to restrict a category by language. However the end-user will only see the forum topics within the category that are associated with there chosen language.





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    Perfect, that worked...makes sense I would need English as a separate language! Thanks Kris.

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    Hi...wondering if someone can help with this question from the original post: - <snip> Of course autoreply emails would also need to be sent in the right language.

    I have multiple languages set in our account (thanks to Kris above). When I select a language other than English, I see my Ticket form with the proper language in some of the system text, but I haven't figured out how to set any custom fields by language (a drop down field for example)?

    Then for this trigger: "Notify requester of received request," I created multiple replies by language and added a condition "Requestors language is [French/etc]." I have put this condition in both the "meets all" and "meets any" conditions, but the email triggered is always the English version. 

    Any tips on what I'm doing wrong or how I can configure this?

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    Rather than having multiple triggers, you can use liquid conditional statements such as below. In my case, I have Spanish only in addition to English, hence the {{ % else %}} catch all, but you can add others such as

    {% when 'Italiano' %}

    {% when 'Dansk' %}

    and so on.

    -- Jossi


    {% case ticket.requester.language %}

    {% when 'Español' %}
    Hola {{ticket.requester.first_name}},

    Gracias por tu mensaje.

    Tu solicitud ha sido recibida por el equipo del  Helpdesk, y recibirás una respuesta dentro de 24 hrs.

    También puedes realizar un seguimiento de tu solicitud en línea a http://{{ticket.url}}
    {% else %}
    Hello {{ticket.requester.first_name}},

    Thank you for your message.

    Your request has been received, and is being handled by the {{ticket.group.name}} team. You will receive a reply within 24 hrs.

    You can also track your request online at http://{{ticket.url}}
    {% endcase %}

    WOPG HelpDesk



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    @Jossi -- Thanks for the tip, my project engineer said this will work just fine and much cleaner (since I don't speak liquid!)

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    @jossi thanks for the tip. But it always reverts to english for me.


    Zendesk support? Whats your take on this problem? Liquid is not being triggered properly.

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    Jossi, how does Zendesk detect their language? I am using Zendesk ONLY for e-mail support and my customers are sending mails from different parts of my site to me in different languages. The mails, however, are all to different e-mail addresses (request@, anfrage@, richiesta@ ..)

    How can I manage/create this?

    thanks, marc

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    As far as I can see, I have my default language on my "home support" page - and changing the language does not change the URL of the "home support page" - I have 3 languages and would like to link to the norwegian language from my norwegian webpage (this is for all user, not logged in) and the danish language for our Danish customers and english for our english speaking customers - is this possible to do without forcing them to login first?

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    @Eric We recommend using Dynamic Content placeholders (as opposed to liquid placeholders) that will use the correct language based on the language for the user as determined by the system (see below for a link on how language pref is set).
    @Martin If you assume an end user perspective and update your language preference by selecting from the dropdown then the fields across the top of the page (Check Your Existing Requests...) should update to the new language. You can find out more about how language preference is set by Zendesk:
    @Marc A guide on how Zendesk sets user language via email:


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    WIdgets per language are unfortunately a no-go right now, i've tried.

    However, I was able to set up a fully French/English bilingual help desk using dynamic content. I've been able to set up two completely different sets of welcome messages, forums, knowledge bases, and system updates for clients. Neither one is aware that the other help desk exists unless they change their language settings. 

    Would be great if zendesk enabled dynamic content for ticket fields and widgets, but alas.. we shall wait for that. so far so good :)

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    Can someone help me setting French and English content on tickets fields? I followed the steps and copy paste the

    {{  }} , but it doesn't work.

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    You can sign up for the ticket field beta here: https://zendesk.wufoo.com/forms/mlhe9m11p5suq4/

    This will enable you to use dynamic content on fields

    Bonne chance :)

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