Can I put content other than forum topics on home page?

I'd like to put content other than pinned forum topics on the home page but haven't found a way to do this.  Is putting content other than pinned forum topics on the home page, and if so how can I do this?

Many thanks for any tips!


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    Hi Bud,

    You can absolutely do this!  First, enable the introductory text at Settings > Channels > Web portal > Introductory text on portal home page (You'll want to make sure the 'Show' box is checked.) Then, return to your Home page.  You can then click 'edit' on the right hand side and edit this text in order to add any sort of content you'd like.

    You also always have the option of adding widgets to your home page. The custom widget is a great way of just displaying info to your customers.   Widgets are available at Settings > Extensions > Widgets.

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    Can I put reports on the home page?

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    Hi Randy, we are about launch the ability to add documents on to Zendesk. Please check this out www.edocr.com/zendesk-integration and let us whether it meets your needs.

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    Hi Randy,

    You cannot put reports directly on the the home page using any sort of built in widget. One potential workaround would involve getting your Report at Manage > Reports and capture them as an image and try and post that as a widget on the home page. 

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    Hi Kevin,

    I doubt if you approve but I have put reports on my home page...

    I take the code from the embedded flash report, everything from "<embed type=" up to "</embed>" and simply insert the code into my home page.  Add a title and a couple of line breaks and away you go.  You can see from the attached screenshot that it is fully functioning but obviously, is not up to date but the functionality entertains the powers that be and I just update it once a week... ;-)  Please forgive me for blanking out the company information.

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    Looks good, Mathew! 

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    Hey @kevin @justin, do you guys know about http://www.zendesk.com/apps/edocr? 

    edocr Zendesk Customer Service App consists of:

    • Customer widget - display your document library making it easy for your customers to find them
    • Customer Forum widget - Make it easy for support agents to add documents to forums
    • Ticket Widget - for classic Zendesk: enrich tickets with customer service and marketing documents
    • Ticket App - for new Zendesk: enrich tickets with customer service and marketing documents


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    Hey Manoj: 

    Thanks for pointing that out! The edocr integration allows you to post content that exists on your edocr account to various areas of your Zendesk portal. It is not a repository for in-house Zendesk elements. 

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    With global Javascript Widgets you can accomplish all manner of changes.  From changing the content of hyperlinks, to adding or removing portions of text or code.  If you have something specific in mind, it wouldnt hurt to open a community questions topic, or possible a support request.

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    Hey Justin, yes you are correct. Documents need to be first uploaded to edocr.com, after which they are available for use inside Zendesk 

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