Capturing phone data - Best Practices

My company provides support to clients via telephone, live chat, and email.  When requests for assistance come in via email, a new Zendesk ticket is auto-created.  When they come in via chat, the tool we are using for that purpose captures details.  When it comes in via phone, though, we don't have a good way to capture data that gives us the metrics we're interested in, such as why did the person call for help, what was the nature of the request, and how long did it take to solve the problem?

My question is this:  When we get a phone call now, we are opening a new ticket, with the requester being an internal user, and capturing all of the relevant data that way.  Are others doing this, or is there a better way to capture our clients' experiences?  Just looking for ideas and ways that others are using Zendesk when requests for assistance come in via phone.





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