Auto Assigning Tickets to Agents

I am seriously thinking about deploying Zendesk to my organization but need some additional info that I could not locate on forums.

1.  When new tickets come in to the queue how can these tickets be assigned to agents to work on.  Do the agents need to manually assign tickets to themselves or is their a workflow that can be added that auto assigns a ticket to them.  For example Right Now and Parature allows you to set rules so all an agent needs to do is hit the assign ticket butting and x number of tickets get placed in their inbox to work on.  Once thy have all been answered they hit the assign ticket button again etc etc.  This method stops cherry picking by agents.  If not what are the best practices to stop agents from cherry picking using Zendesk

2.  Can I setup different groups/queues for new and open tickets to go to based on the criteria they select on the web based form

3.  Can a new status be added to the status values.  For example an agent responds to a ticket the status auto changes to Pending Customer when the customer responds the status changes to Pending Support, that way I know what tickets need a response and I can ignore all tickets in Pending Customer state as they are awaiting customer to respond.


So far I really like what I see in Zendesk but need a few questions answered to help me before I go ahead and purchase the application. I manage a fairly large CS Team with over 6 million active users and would like a system that scales with the user growth.






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