Auto Assigning Tickets to Agents

I am seriously thinking about deploying Zendesk to my organization but need some additional info that I could not locate on forums.

1.  When new tickets come in to the queue how can these tickets be assigned to agents to work on.  Do the agents need to manually assign tickets to themselves or is their a workflow that can be added that auto assigns a ticket to them.  For example Right Now and Parature allows you to set rules so all an agent needs to do is hit the assign ticket butting and x number of tickets get placed in their inbox to work on.  Once thy have all been answered they hit the assign ticket button again etc etc.  This method stops cherry picking by agents.  If not what are the best practices to stop agents from cherry picking using Zendesk

2.  Can I setup different groups/queues for new and open tickets to go to based on the criteria they select on the web based form

3.  Can a new status be added to the status values.  For example an agent responds to a ticket the status auto changes to Pending Customer when the customer responds the status changes to Pending Support, that way I know what tickets need a response and I can ignore all tickets in Pending Customer state as they are awaiting customer to respond.


So far I really like what I see in Zendesk but need a few questions answered to help me before I go ahead and purchase the application. I manage a fairly large CS Team with over 6 million active users and would like a system that scales with the user growth.






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    I would like an answer to question 1 specifically as well. I'm wondering how otherwise to delegate tickets to agents? 

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    This is how I made #1work for me -

    1: Create and organization and set the "map users to organization"

    2:  (Follow each step)

    Manage Tab

    Triggers and Organizations

    Add Trigger

    Meet all of the following conditions (click the drop down,   select organization)


    Org Name

    (Then move down to "Perform these actions)

    Click the drop down

    Select Assignee

    Click the next drop down

    Select your agent.


    Click Add trigger.


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    I thought about Chris's method as well, but we have hundreds of organizations that we support.  I tried setting up a trigger to do this based on "group" since our organizations were imported as part of groups based on the support person the group is for, but I'm not having success setting up the all following condition of



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    we have the same issue. zendesk looks superb, but the ticket / queue management features appear far too weak. it seems very easy to either lose stuff in queues, or you can auto-route but end up pushing stuff to agents who aren't in today! our agents currently have an "inbox" and when they have completed everything in their inbox they "pull" more tickets from the queues to which they are assigned. without something similar zendesk is sadly a non-starter for us...

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    A way for agents to pull a given amount of new tickets themselves - to avoid cherry picking - or for a trigger to be able to distribute them, like you would deal a deck of cards, would be very useful.

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    Hey folks,

    Thanks for the feedback on this. At this time the workaround with this situation certainly is the route that Chris mentioned. Within the Classic version of Zendesk, there is no real way of automatically setting something like this up. The only workaround that most customers use is that which Chris Johnson suggests: using a workflow with organizations and triggers. Of course this isn't going to work for everyone as Zendesk accounts will differ from one another.

    In the Lotus Beta we currently have a 'Play' button. Clicking the Play button will give the agent the first available ticket in the queue and continue to feed them tickets from that queue as they submit responses while taking care not to give them a ticket someone else is working on. 

    As always, if you don't see this idea or feature suggested in our forums, you can certainly start a topic in our feature request forum: https://support.zendesk.com/forums/1848-feature-requests

    Thanks again everyone!

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    Does the new Zendesk now have the ability to auto assign tickets to agents?  For example continually auto top up the agents inbox with the oldest unassigned ticket when one in their inbox is closed?  Also does it have the ability to set rules, for example auto allocate tickets to agents from VIP customers from the assigned queue over lower prioritized customers?

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    Deborah, I'm not aware of either of those functionalities in the new Zendesk, but your second idea is interesting and got me thinking: I could imagine a situation where you had a lower-prioritized customer with a ticket that sits in the queue for a day, or three days, or a week, because it kept getting pushed down by newer tickets from VIPs. Wouldn't there need to be some sort of more advanced logic to say "only deprioritize this ticket from a non-VIP if it's been around for less than X hours/days"?

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    @Deborah - Actually, you can. You first would have to add a tag to all of those VIP organizations. Then you would have to create a trigger, where all organizations (or all tags) are priotized as "High" and assigned to a certain agent or group of agents.

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    Hi Seth

    Yes your thinking is spot on, this is absolutely what I need.

    Thank you Andrea

    I will follow your instructions and post how I get on.

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    Hi Deborah, That's how we manage our own high-priority clients. Everyone with the tag premium_client is automatically set to a priority of "high" and sent to a specific person that handles just those tickets.

    Good luck!

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    @Deborah - you might also take a look at the Service Level Agreements (under Business Rules) to monitor the time it takes between ticket creation and that same ticket reaching a status of 'Solved' If you have SLA requirements to fulfill.

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    @Andrea to take this a step further, I know you can add agents to groups, but can you automate this process based on schedule.  For example, what if I wanted only the agents working to be in the Available Group and the agents not on shift to be in the NOT available group.  Thus, when the auto assign occurs, it  only assigns to those in the available group.  Is there a way to automatically update a group based on a calendar/schedule?

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    Hi Joshua,

    If you have business hours enabled, you could set it so that all created tickets during business hours are sent to a specific group, and all tickets created out of business hours are sent to another group. 

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    Is there any way of auto assignment based on subject line in email tickets or email addresses in the To field? This would make auto assignment and responses easy since email links can be tagged to include specific subject comments? Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Charles,

    It is absolutely possible.

    Based on an email:

    I would first suggest you group all of these users into a group/or various groups.

    You can then create a trigger where for all tickets created by these groups will be automatically assigned to an agent.


    Based on subject line:

    I'm not 100% sure about this, but it may work if you create a trigger based on "Ticket Comment" - if you look for a specific string matching a specific text, you may be able to achieve it. However, I don't know if 'comment' solely refers to the actual body of the email, or if it will look for the string in the subject line.

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    @Charles - The trigger condition "Comment text" also searches the subject of incoming tickets so you can use this to detect specific strings and assign them to the corresponding agents. You can read more about triggers here: https://support.zendesk.com/entries/20011606-Streamlining-workflow-with-ticket-updates-and-triggers


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    Thanks for the help on the trigger and apologies for late response. I have a number of triggers based on Subject Line content and they work perfectly. My challenge now is the changes in email recently deployed by Yahoo, Google, etc have forced our membership software provider to make changes to the delivery code of emails from their end. Now all of the incoming emails are being placed in a suspended folder which defeats the whole automation and trigger processes. :( Have raised the issued with support :)

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    Can I ask the reason why we cannot write to comment text (internal or external) from triggers? 

    We could quite easily wirte in some randomised liquid code to state we we want to assign a ticket too, then have a trigger setup to assign based on this. 

    Seem's Zendesk like making life difficult?

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    Hi John,

    You may want to see this thread, specifically the comments from one of our Product Mangers https://support.zendesk.com/entries/126326-automate-adding-a-comment-to-a-ticket, he gives some background about why Zendesk doesn't do this. 

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