How do I delete a tag?

I  am using Tags in my triggers and I have two tags that are similar, but only one is listed in the trigger. How can I permanently delete/remove a tag from our system so that staff don't accidentally select the incorrect tag?


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    Hey David, you can delete a tag via the Manage > Tags menu and then when you click on a tag in the cloud you get the option to delete it.

    My question is how do you delete a tag that's not shown in the cloud? (It only shows the 100 most used)

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    Hi Sean,

    I'm going to create a ticket on your behalf to look into this further for you. You will receive an email from us shortly.

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    Thanks Sean, I tried that, but it only seems that it removes the tag from a ticket/tickets. But I want to actually delete it so that when an agent types it it doesn't appear as an option. I have 3 tags with similar names, but I only need two of them, and the 3rd is going to cause confusion. Any ideas?

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    Hmm you're right David, tags that have been used in tickets stay in the system even when you 'Delete' them.

    What's worse is they stay in the system as 'Suggestions' when typing in the tags field so they can easily end up in use again :(

    Let's hope zendesk give us a proper way to administer tags soon.

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    Exactly, it's the "Suggestions" which cause the problem. It wouldn't be so bad if the tags were only used for reporting, but they are also used in our email triggers for tickets therefore there can't be any room for a tag which is similar to another one but which doesn't activate the email notification we need.

    Can someone from Zendesk please answer this post, it's 10 months old? I see that Jill answered Sean's question but not the original question. Thanks.

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    Hi David,

    I'm going to email you to find out what you are currently experiencing in your account. Once I'm able to find out further information, I'll gladly post a general reply within this thread. 

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    There's a trigger set to do something on tickets when the tag "email" is added.

    An agent adds a tag "emaiil" to an email related incident, the ticket gets resolved and is closed without the tag being removed.

    From this point forwards whenever someone goes to type the tag "email" into the tags field the first suggestion in the list will be "emaiil" so if the agent isn't careful their ticket won't be detected by the trigger.

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    Hi Guys,

    I've run into this and had a conversation with Zendesk support about it as well. The way it is - Zendesk allows you to delete a tag (as mentioned, by going to Manage->Tags, click a tag and getting the option on the page), but that only removes it from open tickets since closed tickets cannot be edited.

    However, doing so has reduced the auto tagging of the word 'and' which was driving us crazy. 

    Hope this helps.

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    Has there been any progress on the issue mentioned above of 'bad' tags appearing in the suggestions? As others point out, it's one thing to be able to delete the tags (the new "remove tags" option is great!), but the tags are still there in the suggestion list prompting you to make the same mistake again. 

    As it's not just stats that are affected, but workflow, this is a pretty crucial issue. Agents don't see mails promptly, end-users sometime don't get notifications.

    I'd love to hear this will be cleared up soon.

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    I have had good luck with removing incorrect or unwanted tags from the system.  I simply have a trigger that checks tags for a number of listed 'idiot' or mistake tags.  This removes them.

    While this does not remove the tag from the system, it becomes less and less prevalent and loses relevance.

    I would also like to see a feature where tags are 'approved' or not... even a tag blacklist would be good.

    As another note... you can also create a trigger that substitutes bad tags for the correct ones... ie... if you use _home_ for an around home related product issue, and you have problems with the tag  _house_, you simply create an automation that removes _house_ and add _home_.

    This would be basically as effective as a blacklist system.

    Hope this helps.

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    I would like to see ZD's official solution for permanently removing tags and preventing erroneous tags from being auto suggested.

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    The information in this comment is outdated. Please review more recent comments to see if your question is answered there!


    Hey Mimi,

    In order to permanently remove erroneous tags from your Zendesk account, you will need to delete any closed tickets that contain these tags. You can use the tag cloud to delete the tag from all currently active tickets (Admin > Manage > Tags, then click on the tag and select 'Remove tag [tag name] from all topics and open tickets.') but due to the nature of closed tickets, you will need to delete the entire ticket to remove the tag from your system. You can do this by creating a view with tickets that have a status of closed and the tag in question and then deleting these tickets 30 at a time. Once the tag is cleaned from your account, it will not longer be suggested when your agents are filling out the tags.

    Additionally, Andrew's suggestion of creating a trigger to prevent common misspellings from being added as a tag is a very good idea to adopt yourself. Using triggers for reoccurring trouble tags can lessen the burden on your administrators so they don't have to constantly check the tag cloud or create views for these bad tags.

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    Hi Brandon,

    Thanks for the idea, but is that seriously the only suggestion Zendesk can make?

    Why not delete all your tickets (whether closed or not), then you'll never have a problem with tags again?! In fact, stop using computers and use a pencil to tag the letters you write by hand - then you can rub them out with an eraser if you make a mistake.

    We cannot delete closed tickets, as they are a record of our conversations with clients. And we can't stop tickets being closed after 28 days. Hence the problem.

    Sorry for the sarcasm at the beginning, but is there a proper solution on the horizon?


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    This doesn't help me delete a typo'ed tag that is not shown in the 100 most used tags. I appreciate the tag cloud as a visual representation of CS issues, however, you folks really need better tag management. It's simply not helpful the way it is now.


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    @Stephen: I've let a PM know about your concerns. Someone will get back to you in this forum shortly.

    @Mimi: If you know the name of the tag you want to remove from your open tickets you could do this with an Automation. Go to Admin > Business rules > Automation and create a new automation with the ALL conditions of 'Status less than Closed' and 'Tags contains at least one of the following [tag we don't want]' and the action 'Remove tag [tag we don't want]'. This will only work for your active tickets, but the automation is time based so it will check all of your non-closed tickets for the tag and remove it every hour. Do you think this would work for you or would you need a different solution?

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    I thought it would be good to give a perspective on our plans. We do intend to find a way to deal with issues around tags on closed tickets. There are a number of legitimate use cases which we're aware of that require tags to be edited long after a ticket is over, and we want to support these. Before we can do this, though, a lot of thought needs to go into these changes, so I can't give a time frame for a proper solution like this. 

    We would like, however, to create a tag listing that covers all tags, rather than just the top 100, and offer solutions for making changes to old tickets. We would also like to provide tools that allow you to manage what tags are valid and what tags are not, rather than entering them free form all the time. 

    I'll be sure to come back and post updates as we make progress. 

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    Thanks for the replies, Brandon & Max. 

    A better tag cloud will certainly help identify things, but being able to edit tags on closed tickets really is critical to any large support team, as they're used for statistics and (ironically) error tracking.

    We're not asking to be able to edit the ticket itself (that would be a bad idea), but unless we're able to edit the tags  on closed tickets and remove 'bad' ones, then they're useless for anything apart from workflow.

    I'm afraid that this, in addition to some other issues, is making us seriously consider whether Zendesk is the right solution for us.

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    Is there any news on a timescale for a solution to this issue? It's pretty frustrating for us, too. Perhaps as an interim measure something like an errata message could be used along the lines of "are you sure you want to create a new tag?" prior to the tag being created - this might cut down on typos and make agents think before entering them.

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    I was hoping there would be an update to this topic. Ideally an admin would be able to create a list of tags that the agents could select from and therefore eliminate the spelling errors and only allow certain tags. 

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    Hi Lorraine (and anyone else who'd like to weigh in), 

    The Product Feedback forum is the best place to make feature requests. Our Product Team reviews that forum regularly when considering updates to Zendesk. 

    There is an existing feature request for the ability to change tags on closed tickets. Our Product Manager already weighed in and said we're firm on preventing closed tickets from being edited, though.

    I also found one more feature request to your point, Lorraine, which asks Zendesk to create a tag approval process that would eliminate the potential for Agent error. I encourage you to lend your use case to that thread to help it gain traction.

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    First, +1 to improving the permanent removal of tags (i.e., deleting tickets to remove an erroneous tag is not feasible).

    Second, I'm trying to remove a series of tags from non-closed tickets. From what I understand, you do this by selecting the tag from the cloud and clicking "Remove tag <tagname> from all topics and open tickets." My concern is that when I click this, it will formally "update" all of these tickets, thereby changing the "Date updated" attribute and popping thousands of tickets to the top of our stack. Does the "Remove tag..." link silently remove the tag, or does the above situation happen? If the latter, is there a way for me to do this without affecting the tickets' audit trails?

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    Hi Elaine,

    Thanks for pointing us to the feature requests, but the comment from the Product Manager you mention was made on 2nd June 2010! That's more than 4 years ago. Jake also added a comment just over a year later saying that Zendesk "may be able to do editing of tags further down the line", so it seems that resistance is thawing a little. 


    Could we have an actual (meaning both "real" & "current") update from Zendesk about this policy? It is 3 years since the last response from Zendesk on that feature request post and there have been lots of updates from your customers.

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    Sorry, Emily, for calling you Elaine!

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    @Jordan: Sorry about the delayed response here!

    I just tested this to confirm, and I found that when a tag is removed using the method you mention here the ticket is not "officially updated. The date/time of the last update will remain unchanged on the ticket. The removal of the tag will show in the Event Log for the ticket, but doesn't impact the "last update" timestamp.

    I hope that answers your question!

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    @Jessie: I just tested this and I definitely got a different behavior. After clicking the link to "Remove tag <tagname> from all topics and open tickets.", it went through and processed the tickets. Afterward, the affected tickets could be found at the top of a View with the "Updated" field reflecting the recent removal. If this is unintended behavior, I can submit a report, but I suspect that it's working as intended. Clicking the link above presents this message:

    "You are about to remove tag "<tagname>" from all tickets and topics.

    No triggers will execute in the process, but the tag removal will be registered in the ticket events.


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    Hi Jordan, 

    You're totally right, I was looking at the wrong column in my view. Reading is fundamental. :P

    As far as moving these tickets to the top of your queue, that's going to depend on how you're grouping and ordering the view. If you're grouping the tickets just by latest update, then they'll jump up to the top. However, if you're grouping by latest update by Requester or Assignee, then they won't. So you might consider modifying the way the view is organized, even just temporarily, to avoid the issue until the tickets have moved a little further through their life cycle.

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    Hi everybody,

    while looking for  a solution to a slightly different problem i came upon this thread. 

    I don't know if it is still relevant but to delete tags that won't show up in the tag cloud the following workaround will do: 

    Just use the following adress: 


    At the bottom of the page you can remove the tag from all topics and open tickets. No need for automation or Triggers 

    Nevertheless this won't do for closed tickets or removing tags from  organizations (which was the problem I was actually looking for) 

    I hope it is still of some use :) 

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    Hi Thomas!

    Thanks for sharing your solution! I'm sure there are folks that will find this helpful.

    Just as a point of clarification, when a ticket is in Closed status, it cannot be modified in any way. This means that tags can't be removed from tickets when they're Closed.

    As for removing tags from your Organizations, you may be able to accomplish what you need by going to your Admin Icon. Then go to Manage > People and click on Tags under the search bar.

    You'll see all of your tags, and how many Users and Organizations have each one. From there you have the option to remove them.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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    Hi Jessie,

    Thanks for the hint.

    Sometimes solutions can be so easy...

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    Do we have a timetable from Zendesk yet on when the issue of permanently deleting tags will be addressed?

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