How to stop automatic emails upon ticket creation from a certain user account?

I can't seem to find out how to do something pretty basic so I apologize in advance if it's posted somewhere and I've missed it. I am forwarding voicemails from our mailbox system to create tickets automatically. I don't need for the standard confirmation to be send back because it's not going anywhere and it just results in a returned/non-deliverable notice inside Zendesk. I could leave it as is or create dummy email accounts for every unique voicemail number/box we use, but it seems I should be able to easily turn off these/any particular emails using triggers/something else, but I can't seem to figure out how.



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    In my scenarion we have tickets coming from numerous sources that aren't humans.. when zendesk response that a ticket is created to a noreply address then sometimes the noreply host will send an email back to zendesk saying you can email them and thus creating a second ticket.

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    To elaborate, I just want to go to manage people, select one and say that this user should never be emailed... Is there a trigger to do this?

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    The only way i'd see the ability to do it with triggers is if you had the ability to reassign the requester.

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    Hi Anthony,

    I can think of 2 way to do this, neither of which are highly elegant:

    1. Add a tag of "do_not_email" to all user accounts connected to these automated systems, then update all Triggers not to be sent when the ticket contains the tag "do_not_email".
    2. Add an Organization "Do Not Email", then add all end-user accounts created from the specific addresses to the Organization, then update your ticket creation and ticket update Trigger conditions to exclude any users inside that Organization.

    Hope that helps,

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    Both which require maintaining triggers and adding that rule to all of them that send email.. It's doable but as you say not elegant.

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    How do you make a trigger that doesn't send mail.  The only trigger options I have all do something.

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    I must admit, that wasn't so clear to me either.  I think I've managed to get around this issue though.

    I assigned a select field "No reply" to each individual (though presumably this would work with companies too).

    I've amended the default "Notify requestor"... Triggers - you don't need to add new Triggers, simply amend the ones that are already set to send automated replies.

    Add a field that states "No reply > is "No".  You could also do this with a tag...

    Hope this helps.


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    @Matthew, thanks for sharing your solution!

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    You can disable this option  if your are the admin or the owner of the Zendesk account. 


    Click Triggers-> Disable " Notify requester of received request". This will stop Zendesk from sending out automated response to your clients/consumers. 

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    I used Stafford's suggestion which is easy to implement. I just edited each existing trigger and set a new rule under 'Meets all of the conditions'

    ticket:  tags ->   contains none of the following->  do_not_email

    now I can just tag certain users with the do not email tag and they will not receive automated responses.

    My question is how to set up a rule using the subject. For example, if the subject contains a certain string, I would like to be able to prevent automated responses from being sent back.

    Does anybody have any ideas for this?



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    Hi Cheryl, 

    I'd say to do this in a separate trigger and add that trigger to somewhere near the top of your trigger list so that its actions are applied to the ticket before the triggers that send notifications. 

    You could set up something like:


    • Ticket is : created
    • Ticket: comment text : contains the following string : "[string]"


    • Add tag: "do_not_email"

    Then that ticket will have the same tag as the others and will fall into the same pattern as the other tickets you don't want to generate notifications. The reason this works is that when a ticket is created (and ONLY when it's created) the "Ticket: comment text" condition will ALSO check the subject of the ticket. Normally it only checks the comments. 

    Hope that helps!

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    Thank you! Yes, I had many common email notifications that I needed to filter to organize the chaos. Thank you so much!



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    Glad it helped! Please let us know if you run into anything else!

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    I am having trouble with this, and am very new to Zendesk. In advance, I will apologize if I ask something that may seem simple. 

    Echoing what Dewbank said, there is no trigger option that is "do not". I see the responses people have contributed but I am in need of some step-by-step help.

    I am trying to make a trigger that excludes only the members of one organization from getting support request confirmation emails.

    So far, all the conditions that needs to be met are: "ticket is created" and "organization is _____". I then go down to the performed actions drop-down bar but do not see anything along the lines of "do not email". Where would I go from here?

    I appreciate any and all help that people are willing to give me.


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    Craig, here is what I do.

    Step 1) Create an Organization custom field to use as a flag. It is a checkbox type.


    Step 2) Update my trigger to use this flag

    Step 3) Update the organization to reflect the desire not to send emails


    Hope this helps!

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    Thank you very much!

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    Colin's method doesn't seem to work for me :(

    If the organisation doesn't exist then the default seems to be not to send the message (i.e. the "Unchecked" test fails, maybe because the box isn't there at all)

    Seems like "Unchecked" should probably mean "Unchecked or Undefined"

    Obviously we want any new eMails, from a contact we've not heard from before, to generate the received request message.

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    Hey @rsmck! Can you give me more details about your workflow and what you're trying to accomplish? We'll see what we can help you puzzle out. :)

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    Is there a way to disable notification depending on a specific email channel?

    We have several mail addresses from which we receive requests (e.g. support@organization.com / support2@organization.com), but I want to specify that no automatic response it's sent if the request is received from one of those addresses.

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    Hi Sebastián!

    Your email notifications are controlled via the Triggers in your Zendesk. All you need to do is add a condition to the triggers you wish to control, that specifies which support addresses should trigger the notification:

    That should get you sorted! Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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    Regarding Jessie Schutz comment on July 31, 2015, what would I do if I did not want to INCLUDE the incoming email channel that should send a confirmation notification to a requester, but instead wanted to configure the trigger so that it EXCLUDES any tickets received at a specific email channel.

    We have two organizations within our account.  Org #2 has a trigger that notifies its requesters with a custom message. Org #1 is the default requester notification trigger that is part of Zendesk Pro.  No matter what conditions, tags, or comment text I add to newly created tickets for Org #2, the default trigger continues to get involved and send a second email notification with its own message. The default Org #1 notification doesn't want to recognize any of my exclusion conditions that beg it to not send its requester notification when a ticket is associated with Org #2.

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    Hi Paul!

    You'll need to add a condition to the Org #1 trigger to exclude tickets for Org #2. You can do this a couple different ways...if you wanted to post a screenshots of the conditions you have set for those two triggers I can help you get them fixed up!

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    Hello everyone!

    I could not find any answer to this, so, asking here for a solution.

    Basically I have the same issue as you mentioned before. I need to avoid sending notification emails for tickets that matches some conditions. If the condition matches, them I'm going to add the "do_not_email" tag in a very early stage and then before sending the email acknowledge, the trigger should check for the existence of that flag or not.

    I can check if the message content or the subject contain any specific text, for example, using the "Ticket: Subject text..." -> "Contains the following string".

    But how about filtering the emails that start with "no-reply". How can I do that using the triggers? what would be the condition?

    I'd like to be able to do this (similar as we define a filter rule in a mail client - Thunderbird in this case):

    From -> contains -> "no-reply"   or...

    From -> contains -> "mail-daemon"  etc...

    Any advice will be very appreciated!!!






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    Hey Mauricio!

    Emails from noreply or mailer-daemon addresses should be automatically suspended, so no ticket is created. If no ticket is created, no notification email is sent. This means you don't need to set up any special filters to keep them from creating tickets in your Zendesk. Are you experiencing something else with your tickets?

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    Hi Jessie,

    Yeah, I understand the no-reply and the other server emails are being suspend automatically, hence no tickets are created from them.

    But we have an email address we added to the whitelist (lets suppose it is no-reply@somedomain.com) to avoid the tickets from that email to being suspended.

    Then, the notifications are sent anyway because even it is a no-reply email, we added it to the whitelist. For the no-reply emails there is no problem given the server from the other end will not respond to our email again.

    But we would like to avoid sending notifications to those types of emails even they are in our whitelist. This is why we would like to have a condition where we can use some text or regex to apply as a filter and mark those email addresses with a tag we can use to keep the tagged emails from being notified.

    Hope it makes sense.


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    Hey Mauricio!

    It looks like your screenshot is from your email client, so I can't help with anything there. But you should be able to set up triggers in Zendesk to prevent notifications going out on tickets that come in from that email. You can find more info on using triggers here: Triggers resources.

    Let us know if you get stuck!

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    Hi Jessie!

    Let me rephrase my question.

    Lets suppose we have the following email addresses:









    Is there any way to create a trigger like:


    requester email -> starts with  -> "no-reply"


    Add Tags -> "no_reply_emails"


    or, for the tech emails:


    requester email -> starts with (or 'contains', or ' ends with', etc)  -> "tech"


    Add Tags -> "tech_emails"


    Hope this is a more clear question. I added a screenshot as an example too.

    Thanks in advance!

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    That type of condition doesn't exist in Triggers. There are a couple other ways you might be able to identify these emails, though.

    One option would be to set things up so that those emails are sent to a completely different support address. Then you can use the Received at condition to add a tag to the ticket.

    Another option would be to use the Ticket: Comment text or Ticket: Subject text conditions to identify a text string in those emails, and tag it that way. This will only work if the incoming emails always have the same text in them, like an automated response.

    Once you figure out how to get those tickets tagged, you just need to add another condition to the notification triggers in question to exclude that tag(s). Once that's done, the notifications will no longer be sent out on those tickets.

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    Hi Jessie,

    Thanks for your response.

    It is very difficult to come up with a pattern from the subject or the comment text in order to apply a tag from it, given you can't know upfront what the customer can type in its message or subject.

    The "starts with", "contains", "ends with" are widely used conditions for filters.

    Will have to wait until Zendesk supports it some time in the future.

    Thanks for your help!



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