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    Hi Noah,

    Sorry for the delay here. There is not an out of the box solution to create a digest email that included all of the current open tickets. Some customers will use our REST API to query open tickets and then use a script to send an email based on that. Other customers that are looking for a more manual solution, will log into the helpdesk and export a view to a csv file and attach that file to an email using their email client. I hope that helps!

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    Hi Zendesk, any updates on this?  I used to love this option in our old RT ticketing system...if nothing built in can you provide any examples of how customer's are using REST API to implement this?

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    Hello Jake,

    You could try using our GoodData integration (which comes included with the Plus plan) to set up a daily report to be sent out to an email address of your choosing. If you crafted the report to list all open tickets and then set the address as a mail list, you could simulate a daily digest. Otherwise, there is still no out of the box solution, but as Kevin said, you could use a custom API call to do this: http://developer.zendesk.com/documentation/rest_api/tickets.html

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