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    Hi Heather,

    Could you provide additional information as to why you would like to close a ticket without solving it?

    Within Zendesk all tickets marked as 'solved' will automatically be closed via the default automation 'Close ticket 4 days after status is set to solved'. You can locate this automation from under the 'manage' tab > 'automations' and change the amount of time to as little as 1 hour after status is set to solved or up to 28 days after a ticket is set to solved. We also have additional information on solved vs. closed tickets at https://support.zendesk.com/entries/20008103-what-is-the-difference-between-a-solved-ticket-and-a-closed-ticket.

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    Hi Jill,

    Maybe the issue we're having is simply a difference in terminology. A specific use case is for a current ticket we have open, and are not able to resolve for the client. We've had many communications with the client, and THEY have acknowledged it has to solved internally, we cannot solve for them. I have their permission to CLOSE the ticket as unresolved. But obviously Zendesk does not allow for this. I only have the option of solving it, and when I do that, the client will be notified I've "solved" it, and this will bring up the entire communication string again.

    This is a technicality of course, but has been an issue with a few of our clients since we switched to Zendesk. In other support systems I've used I've always had the option of closing without resolution. Do you forsee a time this will be available in Zendesk? Based on what I've read in forums, we are not the only company who has this requirement.

    Many thanks. Heather

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    Heather, thanks for the clarification. Based on the conditions within the default 'notify requester of solved request' trigger (under 'manage' > 'triggers and mail notifications') your users will only be notified that their request has been solved if you mark the ticket as 'solved' with a public comment. If your 'notify requester of solved request' trigger has not been modified, you will be able to set a ticket as solved without notifying the requester by either 1) setting the ticket to 'solved' with no comment or 2) setting the ticket to 'solved' with a private comment.

    To track and report on your 'unresolved' closed tickets, you could tag these tickets with 'unresolved'. You could then set up reports and locate all tickets with the 'unresolved' tag. 

    Does this help? Please let us know if you have additional questions.

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    This is very confusing.  It seems that a ticket can be open (but not solved) for a period of time, Solved but not open (normal state).  If you make a public comment, and submit it as solved it will notify the customer. Otherwise if you mark it solved it does not notify them, BUT - if its unresolved and you want to close it, you must submit it as Solved?   One problem people have is the reports tell us what the average time to solve a ticket is. If you have a ticket that is basically in Limbo (Pending) and want it to close it out without a resolution you would have to submit it as "solved".  Unresolved is solved. Its a Zen koan.

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    Hi Doug,

    So anything less than closed, has the ability to become re-opened. A ticket will automatically be set to closed after 4 days, however you have the option to amend the automation to close this after the ticket has been set to solved for 1 hour instead. 

    If you want to push the status to closed rather than using solved - you can create a trigger to auto close the ticket once a tag has been applied to the ticket. Will this work for you? 

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    This is how we did it. 


    We created an automation where 


    Meet all of the following conditions:

    Ticket Status: > is > SOLVED

    Ticket: Hours since Solved  > is greater than > 0


    Perform these actions:

    Ticket Status: Closed


    This will automatically and immediately change the status from Solved to Closed

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