Can't create automatic notification when urgent ticket becomes overdue

We're trying to create an automatic notification that goes to the agents when a ticket with the highest priority level (urgent)becomes overdue? We can't currently do that with automations because we can't nullify any condition to make it work properly. Any thoughts?


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    Use tags to nullify in your automation. First, check ticket priority and age as before. Then add an additional condition:

            tags         contains none of the following        urgent_alert

    Nullify the condition by adding a new action.

            add tags      urgent_alert

    This prevents the automation firing again and will allow the automation to be created.




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    Awesome suggestion! thanks Graeme!

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    Yes, Graeme, thanks for helping! I encourage you to write it as a tip in our Community Tips forum for other users:

    This might also be a tip we'd like to post on Twitter and Facebook and link to from our Zendesk docs!

    Thanks! Jennifer


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