I want to know how i can allow the customer to adjust his or her own ticket priority

I remember there are fields that can be used in email or comments which will trigger the ticket priority to be changed. However I wish for the user to change the ticket priority in the ticket web form, using a drop-down similar to which agents have available. Is this possible?


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    Hey Max: 

    Head over to Manage → Ticket fields and edit the Priority field. Under the end-user settings, make sure the field is both visible and editable. This will give them the ability to modify the field on the ticket form. 

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    Field can be edited by the end-user ONLY when submitting a ticket online.


    Guess I was not clear enough. I need the customer to be able to escalate the Priority of an existing issue.

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    Ah, understood. Unfortunately, the end-user can only set the priority upon ticket creation. 

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    If you wanted to get tricky, you could tell your customers that they can change the priority by adding a comment with some specific text.  You would want to make sure that the text is very unique, though, so it doesn't get triggered inadvertently.

    For example, you could tell your end users that if they added a comment with the text [high] it would make the ticket a high priority.  If they update via the web page, you could even create a side widget with all of the text commands.

    Then to make this work in zendesk, you would need to create a trigger that looked for that word and then set the ticket to the high priority.  You would need a separate trigger for each text based command like this.

    We use stuff like that for agents who prefer to work over email instead of logging in to the web console.

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