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    While there's no fancy export function, you can grab your forum data using the API. It will require a bit of leg work though: http://developer.zendesk.com/documentation/rest_api/forums.html

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    Hi Andy

    One of the team here built a program in java that read the content of the page and exported them all as xml files. Let me see if i can dig it up and perhaps i can submit via Jennifer :)

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    Tom, I know a lot of people who would love you for that! Start digging! :)

    The other request I get is for putting content back in the forums--say you want to extract content to do updates for a new UI, then you want to put it back when the UI is released, overwriting the old versions. Do you have a program for that too?

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    Yes, please, Tom! I need to export KB articles in HTML or XML format. I really thought there'd be a feature for that. Any help you can give would be much appreciated.

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    Adding a vote to Tom's java program.  Did you have any luck digging it up Tom?

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    Hi everybody, I think I may have a solution… If you have a Plus or Enterprise plan, you can export your forum article’s title and body (and other useful info, even comments) through the XML export function.

    Andy: I don't know how you'll integrate that to your none Zendesk system, but if you can import from XLS, CSV or XML files, then it should work.

    Instructions: -Export, download and unzip the XML from Zendesk (Reports>>>Export>>>Full XML export). -In Excel (2010), open a blank worksheet, then select ‘Data’>>>’From Other Sources’>>>’From XML Data import’. -Select the XML file called ‘Entries’ (from your unzipped folder). -Under the column ‘body’ and ‘title’ you’ll find what your article content.

    Here is a link to the article that lead me to this info: https://support.zendesk.com/entries/20116851#topic_tdm_vav_gc

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    I don't know what's going wrong with posting comments on the forums today, but mine are all publishing crunched up...sorry.

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    Steve Aaron, I added spacing to your crunched comment for you.

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    Thanks Jen ;-)

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    Hi Angela,

    I got an update on the Java program. Tom's developer was on sabbatical, but now he's back, and apparently he's working on an improved version of the Java exporting program. Hopefully Tom will have an update for us soon. Also, a developer here was working on something similar, so maybe we'll have that one soon too. Fingers crossed!

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    Hi Jennifer,

    Any update?


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    Hi Sylvain,

    Sorry for the delay! No, I haven't heard anything more. I will be sure to update this thread when/if I have some news.


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    Still nothing new to share here. 

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    Hi Angela / Tom,

    Would it be possible for you to provide me with that Java file. Specifically, I'm looking for Forum "like" data for an idea forum. Specifically, we'd like the following.

    • Idea (Post) Submitter Name
    • Idea (Post) Title
    • Idea (Post) Body
    • Number of Likes
    • List of Names of People who Liked
    • Commenter Name
    • Comment Body
    • Date Submitted
    • Date Commented
    • Date of Like

    It'd be great to have easy access to this data.



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    Hi Jennifer. By any chance, were you able to get a hold of the Java tool from Tom? A timely response is much appreciated as we're about to do some custom development work on this.

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    No, sorry, I have not heard back from Tom about the Java export tool.

    But our own Skip Moore wrote a script that creates a back up of web portal forums.


    We do not have a similar script for Help Center. And I am not sure if this gives you the data you are looking for--it creates HTML files of all of your forums content.

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    I appreciate the fact that its possible to export the forum contents, and this solution looks thorough. The only downside is the fact that I don't really have the programming skills to do this. I'd like to throw in my interest in an export function (Title + body + images).

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    Hi everyone, today I had a slightly different issue.

    Instead of exporting the forum threads I wanted to export the help center articles. I based myself on the code Skip Moore (mentioned two posts above, kudos to him :)).

    I think it can be very useful for others so that's why I'm posting it here too.

    Check out https://github.com/pjmuller/zendesk-helpcenter-export 

    It exports all of your categories, sections, articles and even attachments in a nested folder structure.

    Enjoy! :)

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