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  • Colin Piper

    This should be optional. I often build a sandbox to test a specific functionality which sometimes means I do not want all my clutter from the production system. So having a tree that I can select what i want to copy over (such as what is available through Cloudset today) would be ideal.

  • Ellen Mason

    Hi Colin,

    Option selections is a great idea as well.

  • David DeGrandpre

    I second the original idea and Colin's suggestion. The ability to copy your prod sandbox or create a new one would be ideal. 

  • James Brown

    I agree with these suggestions - ability to copy or create a new sandbox.

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    I totally +1 the ability to copy prod to sandbox minus user info.  This functionality should exist but only upon request as already pointed out so that we can test new/changed functionality.  For example, right now I am trying to add a new division of ours into the existing Zendesk application using multi branding and I want to see what the actual impact is but have to recreate ALL the settings, triggers, organizations, etc in order to figure that out.  I understand what the impact is theoretically, but obviously we want a POC to be based on a real copy of prod plus the new division and show how it would need to be modified from there.

  • CustomerService

    Add my vote as well.  Sandbox should be able to be a copy of production including all customizations, or have the option to exclude is desired.  

  • Ben Roberts

    I would love to have this feature. The ability to start from a configuration that basically resembles the current production config would be invaluable when testing proposed changes. It might be good to have granularity so that not all features have to be copied over (e.g., one might want business rules and other settings but not lists of users and groups).

  • Alexis Manetas

    I 100% agree with this.  I want to be able to clone my live environment so that I can test and alter things without affecting my live environment.

  • Andre Tan

    +1 for this idea.

    At the moment it is not efficient to have to have to mirror all changes manually from production to sandbox and in our case without having the same setting the test result from sandbox is not completely reliable.

    Having the option to copy all or certain settings would be really valuable.

  • Mark Hinson

    + 1 for refreshing sandbox then cloning all non-user data into it.

    If we could do this would be then great to be able to collate updates made in the sandbox, export them, then import back into prod en-bulk.

    One thing at a time tho...

  • Reid Rademaker

    I have a developer in-house that built scripts to do something like this - all ticket fields, forms, user fields - were copied from our production environment into our sandbox. He built it in about 6 hours.

  • Ryan Mumby

    Reid Rademaker share the wealth, bud!

  • Patrizia Eberhart

    yes, please Reid Rademaker share ... that would help a lot!

  • Sonia Radaelli

    I'm fully agre.  Sandbox should be able to be a copy of production including all customizations, or have the option to exclude is desired.  

  • Mark Hinson

    I agree. The Sandbox is a disappointing feature that I never use because we cannot duplicate our production config, some of our customers think it's crazy to build new functionality directly into a live system.  The Sandbox is difficult to use to test out new features, and even if I use to build and a new form and triggers, there is no way to export and load back into Production.  I understand there are some parts of the confirm like email addresses and maybe other channel connections like FB and Tw that maybe cannot be in two places at once, but other than that I can't see why the config cannot be export/imported between systems, be good to have a feature to allowed export by segment, say choose from Triggers, Automatons, Schedule, SLAs, etc

  • Marcia Keren

    Nothing happened for three years. Really disappointing. We should have the option to import and export the specific configuration such as triggers, automations, forms and fields. I am just starting and I have to create all the existing field types again in sandbox. 

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Marcia et al - 

    The Product Team began exploration on Sandbox issues earlier this year. This is the first step toward making some improvements to it. Please contribute your thoughts to this thread: 

    Community Discussion: Using Sandbox for Workflow Changes



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