Customer copied on emails forwarded from support inbox



  • Khoa Le

    Can you provide us with a ticket number where this is happening?

  • Sergiu Birca
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi Charlotte, 

    Zendesk uses various attributes from the email header to link the email (comment) to an existing ticket or create a new one. In your case, most probably the message_ID or it's reference was used in the emails that your engineering team members were sending to each other. If they were CC'ing your support address email (that is forwarding everything to your Zendesk email) during these conversations, most probably the message_ID or it's reference was used to link the comments to the original ticket created by your requester. 

    In order to avoid these kind of situations, please when forwarding an email sent to your support email address, advise the users not to CC in the email conversations your support email address. Or, you can just copy the content of the email you've received from the requester and paste it in a brand new email that you can sent inside your organisation. 

    Please send an email to with all the relevant info, and we will try to assist you and explain in details what happened.

  • ChrisCrutchfield

    We have experienced the same issue within my organization.  There needs to be a way to prevent the submitter from seeing replies when tickets are forwarded to third parties for additional support.  This has become such an issue for us that we are looking for another vendor if this can't be rectified. The risk is too high for someone to forget to copy into a new email.  Replies from a CC'd individual are often internal, and may contain a tone, or quite frankly, verbiage that is not intended for the customer to see.   

  • SMN Team

    I just ran across this issue myself which resulted in the customer reading comments not intended for him to see. This brought about some very awkward moments and breeches trust between our company and the 3rd party as they were not anticipating the customer seeing this private forwarded conversation. Not to mention, Zendesk support did not alert or forewarn us as something to remember or be on the lookout for.

    Is this going to be resolved? Is there new coding in the works to prevent forwarded emails from being added to a ticket?

  • Madison Davis
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey there! I see that our Support team was working with you in a ticket, and I'm sorry this behavior wasn't made clearer from the beginning! I'd recommend taking this feedback over to our Product Feedback Forum and posting there, where our Product team is more likely to see it!


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