"Outdated" Articles?



  • Andrea Saez

    Hi Lauren,

    Everything Wes said above is correct. Also, if you are looking for something on the actual article that says 'out of date' - i dont believe that has been added just yet. It will only let you see if an article is out of date if you access all translations available (there will be a clock next to each additional language.)

  • Wes Drury

    @Lauren - Ok so you got my curiosity up.  The "outdated" has something to do with the API and translations.  You can see more details below:


    Note: these end-points are pending some tweaks we will be making to how translations work in Help Center. In the near future, categories, sections and articles will no longer need to exist in the account default locale and will instead define their own source language. In addition, you will be able to mark individual translations as draft, instead of the entire category, section or article.

    • Change the source locale of a category, section or article
    • Mark a translation as "outdated" and/or "draft"
    • Get a list of all the locales activated on a Help Center
    • Get all the translations marked as draft or outdated on a specific category, section or article
    • Get a list of all the translations (locales) missing on a specific category, section or article
    • Get all the translations Help Center wide, marked as draft or outdated on either categories, sections or articles
    • Get a list of all the translations (locales) Help Center wide, missing on either categories, sections or articles
  • Janet Del Aguila

    Hi Wes and Andrea, 


    Any idea when Zendesk will be adding the Outdated items to the Manage Section area? I'd heard there were plans in the works to make the Outdated checkbox behave much like the Draft button does for all articles. This feature would be incredibly helpful for those companies that don't use the API approach or have a localized help center. Right now we can't tell when our articles are out of date without having to open each one to look for this property.



  • Wes Drury

    @Janet - I haven't heard anything on this so hopefully the product manager will stop by and provide some insight.  As a workaround you can do this as this is how we currently do it:

    For Google Chrome download a extension called JSONviewer.

    Go to https://{subdomain}.zendesk.com/api/v2/help_center/articles.json

    Hit Ctl+f and type in: outdated: true

    You can then search through the outdated articles. 

    Hope this helps.

  • Janet Del Aguila

    Hi Wes,

    This definitely helps for now :) Thanks! But I'm still hoping that the product managers at Zendesk understand that the ability to see the Outdated items in the Manage Section area would be incredibly helpful.

    Thanks again!!!

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hey guys!

    I know that Lauren and Janet have both already seen this post: Dashboard for live Help Center articles. That's going to be the one of the best places to look for any new information on this topic, since the Product Feedback forum is where the Product Managers hang out. We can't guarantee a response from them, but if they have something to share with you they will.

    You might also be interested in in this: Help Center Version Control. It's definitely related to your pain point, and it's slightly more active. I'd recommend following this conversation and adding your voice and use case.

    In the meantime, Anna details a workaround in the comments here: Article Versioning. This is the same method we currently use here at Zendesk.

    Hope that helps!


  • Stephen Roman

    Hi All,

    Are there any updates on this topic?  

    Is the main purpose of this feature, the marking an article in the Help Center as 'outdated', to provide a visual to an agent?


  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi Stephen!

    The "outdated" check box doesn't actually add any visual element to the article unless you're in the article editor.

    We're actually in the process of making some improvements to the way content is managed in Help Center, but I don't have any details to share just yet. I'd definitely recommend keeping an eye on our Announcements Forum, though, so you'll be alerted when new stuff becomes available!

  • Laetitia Bonaldo



    One of the most challenging parts of managing our Help Centers is to maintain outdated translations.

    Along with marking the translated articles as outdated, I find that it would be helpful to highlight the specific words in the source languages and perhaps even include a word count. The reason behind this feature requestion would be to save us time with tedious copy/pasting, help us remember the exact words that we've added and give visibility to our translators.


    Does anyone agree that this would be helpful and has anyone heard if this is on Zendesk's roadmap?


    Thank you very much!


    Very Best,


  • Wes Drury

    @Lauren - I don't believe it does anything at this point but provide a visual to an agent however I'm sure its going to tie into a few things in the future like the API, reports, and hopefully will add a label to let the end users know.

  • Tona Medina

    That "outdated" feature is SO misleading on the UI - 2yrs after this thread was created! When someone asked "What does marking an article in the Help Center as "outdated" actually do?"

    Isn't it obvious to you guys that the mere "outdated" checkbox, next to "draft", doesn't convey the full extent of this feature. Please ping your internal UX researchers.

    You guys need to either finish this feature, put a link to "learn more" next to it, or take it off.

    Our KB are only in english, and I was expecting to put an article to "outdated" and:

    - Look different in the Manage Article section - so I can easily spot them later.

    - Keep the article in place, but be out of sight from end users.

    I does neither. I really don't even know what's the value of it at this point. Why would I want to put something as outdated?

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for creating and linking to the Product Feedback post, Laetitia. That's the best way to get that feedback in front of Product Managers.


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