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    That's the same thing i've been waiting for! Will be great do that with our Google Apps calendar. Is it possible already?


    Best regard

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    Mark Fountaine

    I'm weighing in on this one too, if I could use google apps calendar - my life would be complete. 





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    Amy Au-Yeung

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for the feedback and sorry about the delay.  Just in case you haven't tried this, you can actually embedded google calendar onto your forum topic.  Would it be something that you guys find useful? 



    Zendesk Support

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    Chad Thomas

    Hey Amy,

    Can you please provide more detail about how to setup the embedded google calendar onto your forum topic?


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    Laine Campbell

    Please add another.  This is the only feature that made me pause on using zendesk for my consultancy.  The ability to add (or even better, auto push/sync) dates to a calendar (or multiple calendars based on agent) would be a huge sell.

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    Yes can you please explain how to do this?

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    Rob Goodyear

    +1 here too. @Amy: I think the consensus here is the other way around, e.g.: pushing Zendesk Due Dates out to a Google Calendar, to provide a consolidated view and visibility to other people at a high level. Great for mobile devices too, so it's always nagging.

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    Piotr Pilakowski

    Look here how to get code to paste:


    If you'll get this use Custom HTML widget to embed calendar to zendesk.

    Hope this helps :)

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    Wondering if there is any update or interest in this one?

    We would like to be able to assign a date to a ticket and have it update Google Calendar with ticket details.

    We don't just want to view a google calendar within zendesk.


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    Olivier Reuland



    I'm 100% with Mcdent on this. We heavily rely on Google Apps for everything else. Zendesk is the only app we're using which is not integrated and this is really problematic. All our agents would gain in efficiency by being able to see their deadline in their own Google calendar (which are then sync'd with their phones, ipads, etc.)

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    +1  we need support visibility in our Google calendars.

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    Gostei de ver o Flamenguista do primeiro post :) Hi5 Brazil!

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    Greg Sprowls

    Would love integration with Google.  We just moved to Google Apps and the more seamless things are the better.  Thanks.

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    I have this working currently however it is quite clunky... this is a huge thing to me! opening a ticket and scheduling follow up that reminds me on my phone is a lifesaver

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    Steve Shepherd

    @jcarrol how are you doing this I am getting a complete integration written so would like to know how your doing it

    Anyone have any other calendars that are trying to integrate?

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    Steve Patel

    Ok so I think this is a related issue. 

    I currently use zendesk and google apps like most of you.  Does anyone know of a feature that allows clients to schedule an appointment within zendesk without having to go to an external site? 

    So instead of saying: "I will be available at 9-11am; 1-3pm; 5-7pm" there can be something embedded that shows your calendar/availability and allows clients to select times which they can book you.  Once selected it auto updated your google calendar. 

    I know that this is asking a lot but like most things online.. it can be out there but just hard to find.  If something like this is not developed I encourage zendesk to attempt to do an integration like this because seriously it would make you stupid rich!

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    Jake Holman

    @Steve: does what I think you're asking.

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    Chris Ball

    We are using a combination of targets, triggers, php, & MyEventBot to send task due dates to our google apps calenders. That may sound complicated, but it's actually pretty easy. And, once you set it up, it just works.

    Here's a link to learn how we did it:

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    Joe Thomas

    +1 on this. Is this coming down the pike?

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    John Dubinsky

    No replies in some time... status?  Would find this VERY useful.

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    Ben Rohrs

    I agree this would be useful, but unfortunately in the short-term we don't have plans to build this integration.

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    Elyse Kanagaratnam

    Original (now closed) Google Apps thread:

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    I'm slightly amused how this thread has been open since Sept 2009 and then in June 2012 Ben says it would be useful but don't have any plans in the short term. :) Jenifer then closes a much more useful (lots of comments, better original post) forum topic and direct people here?

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    Alex Schwarc M

    Esto es esencial...... poder agregar como recordatorio al google calendar que se debe llamar al cliente , despachar al cliente, etc.....muy recomendado! 

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    OK, I spent a lot of time going through these last 2 threads. I saw the Google Apps and it was marked DONE. But, am I wrong in saying ONLY the Sign in with Google was added? I do not see anything about Google Docs etc.


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    Again - super basic functionality missing. 

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    Peter Griffith

    I'd love to be able to generate Google calendar events for customers directly through Zendesk, as well as receive them. Right now we have to either send the invite as an update to the ticket, which isn't as reliable as an actual invite (it relies on the customer making an entry in their calendar instead of clicking accept), or send it through our company email. We try to avoid this as customers will start to communicate with agents directly through email, rather than our support system which is obviously not good!

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    This needs to be able to add appointment requests and have a calendar built in. something with an feed that other apps can pull in. 

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    Adam Bird (Edited )

    We've built a Zendesk Calendar Connector, available in the App Marketplace that copies and keeps in sync Tasks to the assignees calendar. 

    It works with not just Google but Apple, Exchange, O365, etc. 

    Would welcome thoughts and feedback.

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    @ Adam,  My whole team is using this now. The main problem feedback I have is when you look at the calendar there is no ticket number. Only ticket title and then if you click edit (In Google Calendar) you can see the description.

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