Admins/agents can edit ticket comments

Every comment/update/request should be editable by an agent.

Need the ability to edit existing comments in the ticket thread

often typo's or other simple mistakes are made that need to be corrected

this is espcially relevant if a public comment is posted by mistake that has information that is not appropriate for the end user to see

Im sure we all run into this as good as our Agents are

Tiago Soromenho had a similar request embeded in his thread but just for the initial request

every comment/update/request should be editable by an agent


All in all pretty happy with the interface so far!!


Zendesk Update, March 2015

Though an exact solution for this feature request is unavailable, we want to let you know what options are available to modify tickets:

  1. Ticket Redaction App. This app allows you to remove attachments and portions of text from tickets. 
  2. Redaction API. This allows you to permanently remove words or strings of text from a ticket comment.


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