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    Jake Holman

    Hello there!

    If you are on the Plus or Enterprise plan, you can now have users belonging to multiple organizations.

    What you need to know

    This is a Plus and Enterprise feature. There are no plans to give this to Regulars or Starter.

    We have documentation. You should totally read it.

    We have plenty of API support.

    You can even bulk import users and multiple organizations

    These are the use cases we built this feature for, which was based in large part on input from this very thread: 

    • Providing external customer support - If you support multiple business units or brands, or you have end-users who are contractors and supervisors providing oversight on various groups of customers, you can create organizations based on brands, teams, or business units, and add end-users the relevant organizations 
    • Supporting internal employees - If you support internal employees, you can create organizations for each office location or for each department. Then assign end-users who work in multiple offices, or who belong to multiple departments, to multiple organizations accordingly
    • Looping in other internal departments - If you need to keep internal departments, such as sales or product teams, in the loop on support conversations, you can add them as end-users to multiple organizations as needed, instead of making them agents

    You should also consider what use cases this feature will not address:

    • This feature will not give you the ability to apply hierarchical structure to individual Organizations. This is less a feature about Organizations, and more about Users and the Organization memberships they hold
    • This feature is not designed to be used for separating out an Organization into Departments, such as Sales, Support, Business Development, etc.

    Attempting to use Multiple Organizations for the above two use cases will result in a real bad time.

    We certainly recognize the need for departments and hierarchy in Organizations themselves, but would like to deal with that in a very different way.

    You've got more questions, right?


    Is there a limit to the number of organizations a single user can belong to?

    Yes. 300 organizations per user. We are not able to change this on a case-by-case basis.


    Can a ticket belong to multiple organizations too?

    No. A ticket's organization is derived from the organization(s) a user belongs to, and can only ever be one organization at any one time.


    When a member of multiple organizations emails in, which organization is chosen?

    Each user that belongs to multiple organizations will have a "default" organization. This is the organization that will be used when a ticket is created without specifying an organization


    Can users change the organization on a ticket?

    Yep, both end-users and agents are able to change the organization on a (unclosed) ticket via their respective interfaces.


    Is this supported on Classic?

    No. In order to manage multiple organizations, you must be on new Zendesk. Note that Web Portal is supported for end-users.


    What happens when I merge users?

    The organizations of the origin will be added to that of the target merge user, and all tickets will preserve their organizations.


    What happens when an Organization is deleted?

    In this case, any user that has tickets that are not archived with that organization will have those tickets moved to the default organization.


    What happens if a user's default Organization is deleted?

    This one is a little special. If the user has other organizations, Zendesk will select another Organization to be the default. Then, their tickets that are not archived will be moved to that default Organization. Should the user have no other Organizations, then that will be stripped from that user's tickets - just like in a single organization account


    If a user belongs to multiple shared organizations, can they see all the organization tickets?

    Yes. This works exactly the same way as if you belong to a single, shared organization.


    Will content restriction take into account multiple organizations?

    Yep. If a section is restricted by Organization or Organization tag, users that belong to those organizations (even if they are not their "default" organization) will be able to access those section. This works for both Web Portal and Help Center.


    How does SSO and multiple organizations work?

    SSO will behave as normal with one exception. With multiple organizations turned on, if a an Organization other than what the user belongs to is supplied during the SSO, we will simply add (and not replace) that organization on the user. It is not possible to pass multiple organizations with an SSO call at this time.


    Can I bulk upload users with multiple organizations

    You sure can. The main documentation for bulk import will help you out.


    Can multiple organizations be reported on in Insights?

    No, currently you can only report on the user's default organization. It does not allow for reporting on the 1:M relationship between users and organizations.

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    Yeah, this is important.

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    I would like this feature too. I have multiple offices that sometimes have common members.

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    Asser Traberg Smidt

    This would be a good feature.

    I am looking for a way to restrict certain forums to multiple organizations (instead of one specific org.), and I think the requested feature would be a workaround for this (or a solution).

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    Chris Thulin

    I have the same issue- "multiple offices that sometimes have  common members".   I would be very excited to see this feature add.

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    Andy Wright

    This is definitely something that my team would use.  I've actually checked to see if this has become available, with each update... ;)

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    Adam Blomberg

    This would be a good feature indeed. For our needs, the feature described by Asser would be even better -- an ability to group several organizations, and to rextrict access to forums based on groups as well as single (or multiple) organizations. In our case, we would then be able to create groups for client organizations, partner organizations, etc.

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    Graham Robson

    Yes - I could see Groups working with permissions & derivered/inherited ownership working.

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    Paul Keck

    I believe this would also take care of my problems outlined here:

    groups of end users could then be placed in separate organizations named something like "organization-group"


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    Matt Horning

    I could use this too.

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    Monty Williams

    I really need this to organize my forums. My customers are put into shared organization named after their company. I have no way currently to make a forum visible to say all manufacturing vertical customers, and another visible to all shipping vertical customers. If end-users could belong to more than one organization, I could control forum visibility quite easily.

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    Jeff McDonald

    This would be very helpful.

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    Mark Rothfield

    This would add tremendous value to us

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    Yep, would be very useful, particularly in the form mentioned above about organisation-groups.

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    Martin G

    +1 :)

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    MultipleOrganizations ++

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    We'd really love this too -- but I'd like to see end-user groups that can exist separately from organizations (NOT in the org-group format discussed above). What I need to do is to be able to identify everyone with administrative privileges in every client organization, and place them all in an admin-only group so that they could have access to an admin-only forum, help pages, etc.


    Regardless of details, I say pretty please +++++ to the entire idea :o)

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    stephen Rhyne

    Yeah, this seams like a very important feature :)

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    James Aviani

    Yes, this is a very important feature.

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    txtNation Support


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    Jeff Morgan

    We also need this feature. We have requesters who belong to more than one organization. A related feature that we need is to be able to assign an organization to a ticket. Sometimes we create tickets on behalf of our users organization but we don't want to assign a specific person from that organization as the requester on the ticket. Consequently we have orphaned tickets or tickets assigned to the wrong organization.

    Just as a general comment, I think it would be really helpful if for each feature request added to this forum (at least the first post) a Zendesk representative would respond with comments and a priority for the request (Urgent, High, Normal, Low). This thread was started nearly a year ago, has had many "me too" posts but for all we know has never been looked at by Zendesk staff. It would just be nice to know that important requests are not just being ignored.

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    Jan Formanek

    We would also like to see this feature to help us to partition the issue pool into chunks that only certain (overlapping) groups of people can see.

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    Shawn Collenburg

    Also needed. I'd like to be able to partition not just tickets but forums by product line, not just customer. Being able to join folks into multiple orgs would let me do this.

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    Sherman Dickman

    +1, thanks for listening.

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    This would be useful to us as well.

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    Will Sharp

    The ability to assign users to more than one organization would be very useful to our team as well!

    I also second this comment from Jmorgan above:

    Just as a general comment, I think it would be really helpful if for each feature request added to this forum (at least the first post) a Zendesk representative would respond with comments and a priority for the request (Urgent, High, Normal, Low). This thread was started nearly a year ago, has had many "me too" posts but for all we know has never been looked at by Zendesk staff. It would just be nice to know that important requests are not just being ignored.

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    Marcos Wright Kuhns

    Would also be extrememly useful to our company. +1

    Re: Will Sharp's suggestion. How about Zendesk start using

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    Ophir Ronen

    Same with us. +1

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    Amy Au-Yeung

    Hey guys,

    Sorry for the delay, and thanks for the overwhelming responses -- we heard you! :)

    Let me talk to the team about this and see what they can do.  Will keep you all posted

    Thanks again for your feedback! Appreciate it :)


    Zendesk Support

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    Corey Ganser

    I can see that there is already support for this, but I'd like to note my support for this too along with support for having multiple organizations in a group.

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