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I have several departments that use the helpdesk. For example, a customer service group, and an HR group. The HR group receives CVs for applicants send to jobs@mysite.zendesk.com, while the customer service group manages customer inquiries received via support@mysite.zendesk.com

Obviously the Status field such as Open, Pending, and Closed are useful for both groups. But the HR group needs specific fields such as "Applications", with options such as in review, approved, rejected, and so on.

Hence, it will be very useful to be able to customize views so that each group has their own set of specific custom fields whcih they can use to categorize messages.


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    Absolutely agree.  I requested this feature a couple of months ago (https://support.zendesk.com/forums/1848/entries/14131 ).

    I noticed that drop-down ticket fields are now available (https://support.zendesk.com/entries/15404 ) but this doesn't quite achieve the same purpose.  Based on the value of one field, I'd like to be able to show/hide a whole other set of fields.

    Any progress on this enhancement?

    Thanks in advance!

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    yes, it would be really great if the fields can be customized for every organizations, make life much better with zendesk.  TIA zendesk.

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    Hi Jossi, Mike, and Nambi -

    Thanks for the feedback and apologies for the delayed response on this. It seems like you all are actually asking for two slightly different implementations here:

    1. The ability to create Ticket Fields based on the values of other fields - in the case of groups, it would be fields that show or hide depending on which group was currently chosen in the drop-down
    2. The ability to create forms that are Organization specific for the end-user

    Many others have requested item 1.  We will bring this up with the Product team and see if we can get a clear answer on whether either of these will be coming.

    Thanks again for the feedback :-)

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    Is there any update on this issue?



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    I am specifically interested in item 2 where the admin could create ticket fields that are specific to an organization.

    This is similar to creating a forum and then selecting "restricting access to organization". - see below

    Restrict access to organization leave blank for no organization restriction.

    Berkeley LawCapital Planning ProgramGemstone Global ServicesHexcelMolly Duggan Associates, LLCSAMPESFDPH

    This would be especially helpful to my organization.



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    Please delete the <select> code from the comment above.


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    +another 1.  Specialized ticket fields per group is a great idea and very useful in our environment.

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    *ahem* we have real voting now!

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    Ha ha, oh yeah.  Didn't see it at the top there.  I've cast my vote.  

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    yeah,  we have a group for new installations of our product,  with several custom fields  currently these fields are on all tickets  but I would very much like to restrict it  tickets in a  certain group.

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    I'm really interested in 2) so we canshow differente fields for different product configurations.

    If an Organization subscribe type A we don't want to bother him with Type B specific fields.

    If this option is available with any turnaround please share :)


    Congratulations for your work with Zendesk!

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    Very interested in 1)

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    We have needs for both types of selectivity. Custom fields by group and custom fields by organization.  Any update on when this may be available?

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    We would love to see this implemented. We have an organization that has 5 groups. In order for us to close a ticket, we must choose the resolution (drop-down option). However, each department would obviously have a different resolution. The ability to limit ticket filed/s by group would be very helpful and useful.

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    So, I was thinking this was actually pretty simple. Then realised, "what happens when the ticket is assigned to a new group?".

    It gets complicated when that happens. Does anyone have any idea of what they would want to happen when this occurs? 

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    Hi Jake,

        We have the transfer button currently set up. What we have done is created a ticket field called "Transfer to", and used tags via triggers to generate a change in group (field).

    I understand what you are asking, if say support has ticket fields A and B, and marketing has ticket filed C and we try to transfer from support to marketing, what happens to field A and Field B (if they are set)? Can they reset essentially...or be dropped? Wouldn't each group have specific fields designed just for them? Anyone else have a need for this?




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    Hi Jake

    We do alot of transfering between functional areas.  I agree with Oleg when the transfer occurs the fields corresponding to the assigned agents group should be what appears once the assignee change is implemented.

    we would also like to see this implemented for organizations as well. We have customers who we would like to have utilize zendesk, but upon login there are custom fields that we do not want them to see. Ex. we have a vendor field that currently is open text field.  What we would like to happen is similar to what you are proposing for groups.  For agents we could have a drop down list of all our clients, but we do not want clients seeing the full list. 

    Hope this is helpful.


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    +1 !!

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    We have developed one widget which is doing what we are talking about.Example, when Group A is selected show ticket fields 1/2/3 and hide ticket field 4/5/6; when Group B is selected show ticket fileds 4/5/6/1 and hide fields 2/3. We have 20+ Groups and each of them has its own set of fields. I want to say that it is doable even now.


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    Andrey, would it be possible for you to share your solution for this? :)

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    Andrey, I'm interested in it too)))

    Can you share me your solution?

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    When will this happen? it is greatly needed

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    We are very active inhouse when it comes to bring more and more groups to Zendesk. This feature would help a lot.

    Andrey, I'd also be very interessted in your widget. Is it possible that you'd share your work with us?



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    Just in case anyone has not heard about our commercially available conditional fields widget and configuration tool, posted elsewhere on similar conditional fields threads, Coherence Design have a flexible solution for making custom fields display conditionally based on the selection of other custom field values or system field values. 

    These work for both agent and end-user screens.

    Totally respect those who want a Zendesk provided solution, but for those who want something they can use today, drop us a line at info@coherencedesign.co.uk

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    We are just testing Zendesk - this is one of the functions I would like to see.

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    When is this coming? It would be a great help...  Add one more Vote +1

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    This would be especially helpful to us. As a University, we have multiple departments utilizing a single customer support system.

    The ability to customize this experience for each group would be wonderful.

    E.g. Our maintenance group doesn't need to know whether the user runs Mac OS or Windows.

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    Just updating on this one. 

    This topic and https://support.zendesk.com/entries/14131-conditional-custom-fields are similar in terms of where we stand on delivery. Please do take a look at the conversation there, and my latest comments.

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    I think dropping the custom fields that aren't dependent on the new group would be fine, but possibly add them as a private note - or at least make them visible in the all events view like other changes are. That way if they needed to come back, they could. They could even exist (and therefore the tags would still be there) and just be hidden in different groups. That may be an even better way to go about it.

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