Disable / Enable Spam trap

I would like to request the ability to Disable and Enable the Spam trap.

Whilst I fully appreciate the necessity for one, it is proving to be overy zealos in its filtering. I am finding that I must check the trap constantly as it was preventing dozens of valid tickets from reaching us.


Many thanks



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    oh yeah! i second (and third) this request. I'd say maybe 2% of the tickets that end up in spam are actually spam. And at the least, if Zendesk would build patterns based on recovered tickets, that would go a long way.

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    Hey Guys,

    While we're not going to remove the Spam Traps, we could look into better handling of them. I'll ensure you concerns are voiced to Development.

    Jake Holman
    Zendesk Support

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    We have forms that are being submitted that are being suspended by Zendesk. They are new employee forms. Would be easier for us to just delete spam tickets manually.

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    Any update on this? Most of the tickets that ZenDesk marks as spam for us are not spam at all.

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    I'm having the same problem.

    Got over 20 valid tickets that have been marked as spam in the last week.  Is there anyway to disable the spam filter as this is a big problem for us?

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    @Simon: Where were those tickets coming from? What was the reason for suspension?

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    Hi Jake.  They are coming from unregistered email addressed, the reason is "Detected as spam".  We have a contact form on our site that forwards messages to zendesk (as email with from address that of user contacting us).  Surley this must be a pretty common thing todo...

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    @Simon: It is pretty common. I'm guessing the form is just sending an email into Zendesk, right? If that's the case, those sorts of things do look a lot like spam. Typically they have malformed headers or header information that just look way too much like spam. 

    It's easy for me to set up an online form that I can then send thousands of emails from in one hit. 

    If you're using an online form, we strongly recommend routing it through the Zendesk API rather than relying on email. 

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    Is there any update on this or does Jake's comment still stand? I am not sure why customers cannot elect to just disable the spam scanning component of Zendesk?

    It's disappointing to see Zendesk forcing another option on the customer. Checking the spam trap daily is hardly ideal and makes for a slower workflow.

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    My comment does still stand, yes. 

    However, I am doing a lot of research currently into the workflow issues associated with suspended tickets. While this won't highlight spam, it will highlight false positives. 

    I'm hoping to present something back to customers within about 30 days. 

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    Thanks for the reply Jake.

    I don't have the wide scale of information and knowledge available to me here that you would but I find it hard to accept that Zendesk is not (or seems to not be) interested in allowing customers to disable the spam checking.

    Decrease the false positives? Sure, a great step forward. Make spam checking a default option for new customers? Sure. Take the power out of the customers hands in regards to managing their own mail?  Why??

    I guess from my perspective it seems odd for a product that is designed to increase productivity to make decisions on how our company handles our mail and then as a side effect making manual work for myself and my team as well as the huge potential for customer frustration as replies to their enquires are artificially delayed. 

    To give a use case example, we currently run 19 spokes and that will grow as we expand into more countries. For us, it would be faster and most importantly better customer service to the customer for the team to just close the occasional actual spam ticket.

    Maybe there is a good reason for the decision, maybe it's a requirement by law? At this stage it seems like a poor management decision, maybe you can expand on the reasoning?


    In regards to online forms, all of our sites use them but they are built to deflect customers by trying to provide solutions before actually allowing them to email us. I am interested by Zendesk can do in regards to searching a knowledge base/forum whilst a customer is typing and that's awesome but it will take time for us to set that all up and it may not work for us as we do not currently use forums.

    If it seems like I am taking this out on you I apologise, this is directly aimed at Zendesk as a company and I want to put forward my thoughts on behalf of our team because it is a BIG issue in our environment.

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    I would find it very useful to be able to disable specific spam traps. We don't encourage our customers to sign in to Zendesk because it confuses them that the login to our software is not the same as the login to the help system. This causes problems because sometimes a user will set up an account but still email to create a ticket. This has lately been flagging certain messages as spam. I know I can whitelist them, but the two specific rules below have never been actual spam:

    End user only allowed to update their own tickets
    Submitted by registered user while logged out

    I would love to be able to turn these rules off completely, because as it stands, they are just a waste of time.

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