Add end-user as CC via Trigger or Automation


  • Martin Leck

    @Avi - Please include me in your beta testing. We're desperate for a suitable solution to this issue. Thanks.

  • Jhoan Zabala

    Hi @Mark Hinson!

    Follow the next steps:

    1- Go to configuration -> extensions
    2- Add destination -> HTTP destination
    3- Add a title for the destination
    4- Add the following url:{{}}.json to update the ticket that enters zendesk.
    5- Add the PUT method
    6- Activate authentication and place the administrator user of your account to use the extension every time it is executed.
    7- Save the extension.
    8- Go now to the triggers and add a new one.
    9- Place your conditions according to the case.
    10- In the actions of the trigger call your extension by selecting the option "Notify destination" and add in the text field that shows the json to update your ticket, within this json what you will do is pass the id of the end user with the instruction "additional_collaborators". Example of this json at:
    11- Save the trigger and you're done.

    Each time this trigger is executed, the CC will be automatically added to your ticket.


    If you want to add those id dynamically you can create a custom field in the ticket and take it from there every time you enter a request, instead of placing the id manually in the json, you will pass the ID of the custom field with "custom_fields_123456789".

    I hope I've helped.


  • Steve Dark

    Thanks Greg. That product looks like just what we have been waiting for for a number of years. From my quick test from a dummy user it worked flawlessly and it couldn't be simpler to set up. Result!

  • Bruno Trettel

    @Avi, thanks for the reply! You'll be seasick with so many coffees lol! Thanks for the app, will solve a big problem with some clients!

    Thanks again!!!!!

  • John Witt

    I'll admit I have not read all the replies, but I came up with a kludge that works and adds CC emails if you have access (not sure what subscription level uses Notify Targets).

    - Go to Admin; Settings; Extensions.

    - Create a new HTTP target.

    - URL:{{}}.json

    - Method: PUT

    - Content Type: JSON

    - Enable basic authentication. I use my username/password (password is hidden) but I have not tried using an API token instead. I don't think admin is needed and though the user access was enough, but it failed without this.

    - Click "Update Target" at bottom right and submit.

    Now create a trigger with your required parameters and for actions choose "Notify Target" using the target you created above. For the JSON add the following:


       "request": {
            "email_ccs": [
                { "user_email": "","action": "put"},

                { "user_email": "","action": "put"}


    You can add more CCs, but remember if you have just one to remove that comma.

    I'd recommend you do step-testing first. For example, replace the {{}} with a real ID and instead of update use "Test Target" and paste your JSON. Look at the result and make sure the email CC is updated and then check the ticket CC to ensure the API PUT is working. If that works works, "Update Target" and create a Trigger that updates that Ticket, this time with a different email address to ensure the Trigger is running the API PUT. If that works, update the target back to {{}} and update your Trigger back to the correct parameters and emails addresses.


  • Uriel Flores

    Any update on this?

  • Christian Henkel

    Is there any way to realize an general CC to all send tickets with the essential plan?

    John's alternative seems to be working only with the team plan. The tool of Avi is throwing an error when I try to install: Ressource ist missing. 

  • Gasper Jubani

    We also badly need this feature. We use Zendesk for internal support and need to be able to set rules to auto Cc folks based on what email address the ticket was received.

  • Jihoon Lee

    I have seen an update to the CC section as follows:

    However, this update does not include updates to automation or triggers that can include end users in the CC.

    Does Zendesk have an update plan on this?

  • Olivia Ferrar

    This is exactly what we need, we have our helpdesk open to all users, but only some users are their account "Admins" who have to sign off on the work being done if it incurs a cost.

  • Jodie Macariola

    @... - any update on this since your 2018 post?  thanks, Jodie

  • Dave Foster

    I really don't understand why this isn't available as a normal trigger action. If a ticket is assigned to group Human Resources, cc <EndUser> for example, seems like the simplest thing. If you can add a follower, why not cc an end user?

  • Reine Berg

    This is the most unneccesarry process ever!.. What about just adding the e-mail adress. Or is that to complicated?
    It works fine with Freshdesk...

  • Carlos Badilla

    Our organization is interested on this feature too.

  • Ross Dewar

    bumping this thread.  I'm finding it difficult to understand why this feature doesn't already exist.

  • Tom Palmeri

    Hello Zendesk team,

    This has not been updated since 2018, is there new progress for this feature.


  • Seyob Kim

    I need this functionality to avoid sending notificaiton to our end-users by CC's editing. Actually in our situation, when agents change the CC's list, there is no reason to let our end-users know.

  • Simon Whittaker

    +1 on this!! (Also timetracking but that's contained in another ticket

  • Chad Thomas

    I'd also like to see an option in the mail API for controlling CCs.  FOr example - i often get CC'd on a ticket early on as my input is needed, and then after all kinds of back and forth i no longer need to be CCd (but i'm still getting all the updates), so it would be nice to be able to shut that CC off easily by email.

  • Chad Thomas

    definitely agreed on the original request too.  Lots of uses for us, we have people who always want/need to be in the know at certain clients.

  • Toan

    At the very least, the CC field should allow copy and pasting names, but even this isn't possible.  We have situations that require various groups of email addresses to be copied on, and to have to type the names one by one is tedious.

  • Jay Heath

    +1 on this -- I have requested the same thing. It would be a tremendous help for VIPs who make requests.

  • Therese Erhard

    +1 more!  

    Zendesk, is this on your list of planned changes?

  • Scott Stanford

    How about CCing groups or organizations (or something similar)?  That would reduce the dropdown overload.

  • Geof Bowie

    exactly, just a field where we can a) add an existing user by typing (auto-fill) and/or b) insert any address we needed.  

  • Max Hunter

    Any reason this is marked as "done"?

    Adding a trigger isn't really the same as CC'ing someone in...

    If you can list all the users when you're selecting the requester of a new ticket (using AJAX / whatever) surely you can just reuse the same type of text field when you're editing the macro? I'm not sure where the UI problem is, since you've already resolved it on the ticket update page...

  • David Goldberg

    What I would like to see in the implementation of this, is a per-organization cc list box.  that way, we can notify customers of issues, without having to populate a long list of emails in the cc field.

  • Michelle Wong Esguerra

    I'd really like to be able to cc non-agents as well. I don't see how this feature is "done" when the current functionality doesn't match the original idea proposed in the brief concept.

  • Max Hunter

    @Jake: Any reason this is marked as "done"? You're getting my hopes up... :)

  • Laurent LATHIEYRE

    what's the status on that?


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