Add end-user as CC via Trigger or Automation


  • ken washington

    any news on this topic? id like to be able to keep department managers that aren't Zendesk agents in the loop on certain support requests without having to add them manually. 

  • Matt

    Anything on this yet? Customers are wondering...

  • Bill Akins

    +1 Need it so I can create auto paging if a case has been untouched too long.

    I want to send an email to our paging system that will page specific people if a ticket is unchanged for too long. Only way to do this now is to set up agents. Seeing that I want several options for who gets paged, I would have to create dozens of agents to get this done.

  • Pierre Grenier

    @Ian... this is a bug and it will be added.  You will be able to add a light agent as CC through a Trigger/Automation.

  • Idunckel

    @ Pierre...excellent! thanks for letting me know

  • Nathaniel Galimore

    Why is this taking so long...Zendesk is adding wonderful features at light speed, but this post has been going on for over two years...and nothing...

    Zend VOice...great feature will use it alot....however this is more important,


    And you wont convince me that implementing zend simpler than allowing us to cc a specific email address,..


    Its a shame that something so small really casts a dark shadow on this product...

    this may push me back to kayako

  • JayHogg

    +1  I just had a request to add a VP that is non-agent to Priority 1 tickets from his group.  Can't do it yet. He needs to be a CC so he can reply on the ticket - not just an email forwarding trigger.

    2 years, 3 months open now. 

  • Kevin Swan

    Lame. Just give us a field that we can enter an address into. Copying an agent isn't useful at all.

  • Rob Eyre

    +1 Yes please Zendesk.  Surely you've already solved the UI issues with the requester on the ticket page?

    Looking forward to your response

  • Mike Bergeron

    Is there any update on this??

  • Nick Carter


    We work with a very large organization. When they open a ticket, they want their distribution list to be CC'd on everything. Now we have to manually add a non-agent user to the CC. Would prefer an automation. 

  • Thomas Fritzen

    Need to add CC to user organisation as well.

    Strongly prefer this to be available in a macro too. Certain responses require that we CC people from the requesting organisation.

  • Patrick B.

    +1. Simply want to copy my team on all responses.

  • Aaron

    +1 I need to be able to send cc: emails to a partner when a particular client makes a support request.

  • Erik Brzozowski

    +1 I need to receive a cc email from a partner when a particular client makes a support request the partner.

  • fortran01

    +1 We think this is an essential feature.

  • Mehran Malek

    +1.  This is a very useful feature.  We have a very large client who wants specific email addresses added for high urgency incidents.  The manual process we're using is "ok", but not manageable as we grow our customer base and Support desk.

  • Alex

    +1.  Would also appreciate this feature to let non-agents stay abreast of issues.  Any word on status?

  • Andreas Jespersen

    My feature request is not trigger-related but  we really need the CC-field for end users creating requests through the web interface.

    It is difficult enough already to get users to use the web interface instead of conventional email so they should have at least the same possibilities as when submitting a request by mail.

  • David Shackelford

    A status update on this would be great. I'd also be interested in whether anyone in this thread has figured out a workaround.

  • Elyse Kanagaratnam
    Zendesk team member

    @David - As mentioned in the original request:

    Workaround: use a notify target "email" type to send emails to the person who needs to be CC'd.

    I will check with the product team this week and see where we are on this. Thanks for your patience!

  • Jeff Callahan


    Can you please document this workaround to use a notify target "email" type

  • Patrick B.

    The "Notify Target" workaround is not terrible but you have to construct the whole email body rather than just copying the response as everyone wants.

  • Jeff Callahan

    @Patrick - thanks for the info, that is harldy a workaround

    I see that this feature is marked as "Planned" 

    Hopefully Zendesk can provide an ETA and/or solution shortly

  • Nathaniel Galimore

    @Patrick close to using *any* other ticketing system myself...the only thing going is my clients like the simplistic interface of zendesk...

    I however am thoroughly annoyed how they handle customer requests.....this has been here since 2009!!!!

    Since then we got "The New Zendesk"...and a bunch the same integration's...

    The only real work around which I have had to do is turn one of clients into an agent that has access to their organization...cost me extra $60/mnth..

    lets be real zendesk...this is really why you haven't integrated a 'cc feature

  • Terry Knox

    If this feature ever surfaces, it would be really great to also be able to clear down the cc: field with a trigger/automation too - we often need to essentially forward a message on to another department, but that department don't then need to be cc'd in on everything else. It's a bit annoying having to return to a ticket to remove your CCs, especially when submitting a ticket always returns you to your view screen in the new UI. If we could apply a tag to these tickets to remove the people in the CC field after a message was sent, that'd be great. 

  • Richard Suwelack

    +1 wanting this feature ASAP.. since it has been asked since 2009, I believe this is definetely a must.


  • Manu

    Absolutely need this.

    again, just need an empty text field where i can enter an email address, just like it does on an individual ticket page.


    when is it planned for?

  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator

    The problem with the workaround suggested is that with proper CC of users, the user can update and review tickets via the web portal and update tickets via email. Using targets does not allow this.

  • Jon Thompson

    Here's a response when I submitted a ticket. This isn't as "Planned" as anyone suggests. 

    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for your response - I understand completely that you want the list of agents in the drop down menu that appears when adding the condition of Add CCs when creating a trigger to be a list - or rather include in the list - your users.

    As this functionality is not on the foreseen roadmap of features to include I would like to offer an additional alternative that may be able to achieve your desired workflow:

    You can have your Email Target point to an email set up to forward to a list of users (that you would maintain outside of Zendesk) that way the users on the list would have notifications (That you would set up in a trigger) of all updates of any kind to any ticket in the respective organization associated with that external list.

    So long as the organization is shared the users would be able to see the update and log in to Zendesk to find the ticket and be able to add comments. If not shared they will not be able to make comments.

    Zendesk is not designed to be a mass email service so this is the main reason for the functionality you asked for not being included at this time. I do feel the workaround(s) using an email target for each user or better still a target to an email forwarding list may provide the solution you want here.

    Sorry that this is not the exact solution you requested and I completely understand and empathize with any incurred frustration. Please let me know if you have any additional questions and I'd be happy to continue assisting you!

    Love Your Zendesk,

    Jeremiah Currier | Customer Advocate |


    Funny thing is he doesn't understand two things:

    1) I want a text box, not a different popup. My end users can CC anyone in their emails, why can't I?

    2) I can't have _all_ tickets go to a user. I have multiple clients sending tickets to a single email. His solution would result in one client getting all issues. Furthermore, if I generate a ticket, it doesn't do anything to solve the problem.



    Time to push again for a zendesk migration tool..


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