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    Anthony Constantino

    37signals get's the idea.  They just launched a brand new FAQ system that really rocks.

    The whole argument about using Forums are your FAQ system is horrible.  Zendesk is good because of user experience.  Forums are a horrible user experience for your knowledge base.  Too many knowledge bases suck.  The whole point of a KB is to decrease customer inquiries.  If you give customers a horrible UI they're not gonna use your KB.  

    Zendesk is making great progress.  So maybe there isn't enough time to tackle this issue, but I think it's a big opportunity.  There's no such thing as a great KB for companies to roll out.  They all suck.  Until ZD came around all helpdesks sucked too. 

    37signals just built something cool.  It'd be a big win for ZD if they tackled KB/FAQs and gave companies a product that customers would love to use.  Forums are not enjoyable for the average customer.  

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    Rob Hoehn


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    Jordan Schwartz


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    Jake Holman

    Something like this is being planned.

    _Jake Holman

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    Mark Deaton

    Any update on this thread?  I'm new to ZD and trying to figure out how best to use the KB system.

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    Jake Holman

    @Mark: This was implemented some time ago, sorry I didn't update the thread. Check out this topic: - it should give you the info one how the community features work.

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    Albert-Jan Schol

    @Jake, I'm a prospect and now in my trial period. Jredl's question is a significant one for us, and I don't think that categorization is the answer to his question. In fact, I start to believe that ZD doesn't really have a KB, it has a searchable forum. My organisation processes 30.000 emails per year. I want anwsers on the forum (KB), but also a a macro for easy answering, and I want them to get information from one source.

    If I look at, there I can acces the KB when answering email, look for forum posts, but I can make a automated email based on a forum entry, but with an altered text. Is this also possible in Zendesk? How can I use the KB in ZD for answering email?

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    Cordelia Blythe

    There is one semi-answer to this, that's not implemented.  And that's using dynamic content.  Then you would store the information in the dynamic content, and use the dynamic content in the knowledge base and the macros, currently it doesn't work in the knowledge base though.


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