Ability to allow automations to automatically fire at an interval other than 1 hour after conditions first met

I think many people would find it useful if an automation line like this:

Hours since created | Greater than | 24

Coupled with the ability to set how often (based on minutes - I'd be happy with an hour on the minimum side, I'm interested in extending out the time interval) the automation fires.  By default zendesk appears to check the automation and fire off a response if the conditions are met every hour. E.g., I can only figure out how to fire the automation hourly, buy using <than 96 instead of = 96.  However, this fires every hour and that is too often.

For example, a help desk may wish to do something like the following:

Fire automation to e-mail assignee every 2 days after first 4 days

Set up an automation to fire every 48 hours (during business hours - I've added my support for another feature request around automations being linked to business hours) after the first 4 days if the ticket has a status of less then pending. I can only figure out how to fire the automation hourly, buy using <than 1 instead of = 1, or hourly after the first 4 days.

Basically I would like to state "Hours Since Created is greater than 24" with something like a Timeframe variable that I could set to 48 hours.

With that type of variable it would save from having to set up multiple automations for every timeframe.  Ideally the automation should last indefinitely until the ticket is resolved/closed and it isn't feasible to set up that many individual automations.

Then within the same automation it would also be possible to escalate a ticket.


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