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    Jim G Smith

    I was just about to suggest that same option since I'm heading to a client and would love to have a hard copy to review. Since it has been suggested already, add my "AMEN" to it. Thanks.

    Jim Smith

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    I would also love to see this feature implemented.


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    Our field technicians need to have hard copies of the tickets to jot down notes and they complete repairs and installations. This feature is essential to our business.

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    Jake Holman

    Hey guys,

    Perhaps missing the point here, but what's wrong with just printing the ticket page itself? All browsers have a Print option, so adding in a print button to the interface would be doing exactly the same thing.

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    Proper css-styled printing.

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    Jake Holman

    Ah, I see. The print.css is set in such a way that the page should pring out without all the fancy interface parts and just the important ticketing information - but I can see how that's not particularly pretty when actually printed out (and also depends on whether or not your browser observes print.css)

    I'll take a look into whether we can improve that appearance, but I'm afraid it would be on fairly low priority. 

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    Jim G Smith

    That condescending response won't endear you to those of us requesting this change. I'm not sure why you find it so complicated to hide your "fancy interface parts" as to put it as a low priority. Since you can decide to lower the priority for something that has been requested a few months ago, I'm sure you can also make it happen fairly quickly if told how to. Just link to a "Print version" page in which you add these following styles to hide the unneeded stuff:

    #ticket-chat .public { display: none; }
    #latest_comment { display: none; }
    #sidebar { display: none; }
    #top { display: none; }
    #footer { display: none; }
    #topquery { display: none; }
    .content_grey .action { display: none; }
    body { background-color: #000000; }
    #uploads_link { display: none; }
    #ticket-chat .action { display: none;}
    #_macro_list { display: none; }

    So instead of looking into whether you can do this, now you can take it off low priority and make it a solved task.


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    Dearg O'Bartuin

    I don't agree Jake was being condescending in any way, i think he was trying to point out that while not pretty, Printing tickets is already possible and as such the request is not a priority.

    I have to agree however this feature would be most useful for my business, i am asked to produce hard copies of tckets regularly for customers for face to face meetings, it is very ugly printing tickets with the images etc.

    Try as i might, my customers simply do not want to log in to the Ticket Desk and view open/pending/solved/closed tickets themselves.

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    Peter J Cooper

    This is real life. We have tickets and need to discuss them with others. Meeting rooms, clients, elevators, hallways. Internal and external customer visits. Printing ticket AND reports using a simple CSS is a must.

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    Rosalie Wodecki

    How far away is a workable print CSS?  At the moment I copy the information into a text file (or download the CSV) as the print css is pretty much unreadable.

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    My Pre Stress

    I can't see paying for a support desk that does not include printable reports. I remember now why I discontinued my last trial. I love the simplicity of Zendesk, but I don't have time to write my own reports. If I did I'd write my own help desk too.

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    Ken Currin

    We have an internal work order system that we just abandoned when we started using Zendesk. We really like our system, which one of our employees created, it has worked well for over 15 years, but has lots of flaws that we just have not taken the time to work out. Our database could create nice looking service tickets for our techs and customers. We used it to make notes and just recently took off the hourly rate portion because we restructured our billable time. But as you can see from my sample, this is what I would love to see.

    Our main issue with our system was the abiltiy to search for muliple keywords. We still search passwords, IP address, etc as far back as 15 years ago. Customers call us wanting to know info and we could always pull it up for them.

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    Paul Garcia

    I would like to make a feature request in Zendesk.
    I sometimes have to print cases and reports.
    Is there a way to enable a print function.
    Something similar to print your reciept where it strips out the web page headers but keeps all the case data in a printable format.
    We currently print page from browser and the print out is formated ugly, we usually have to edit in word to strip out the webpage junk and this is teadious.

    Thanks for listening.

    Thank you

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    Kim Eriksen


    We often need include a printed ticket together with a product - most cases a repaired item which is then shipped.
    For us this is NEED to have.


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    Hello Jake

    This is a big issue for us as well.  Our IT Director wants to have meetings twice a month and wants me to print out all our tickets with their histories for this meeting.  It takes me quite a bit of time to individually print out 70+ tickets.  There needs to be a way to select all or some of the tickets and then fill out a small form of what you want to print.  (Some way to format the print out)

    This is a big enough issue that he has already told me to find a new solution.  I am afraid that if there is not some printing functionality by the time our year runs out I will force to switch to a different help desk solution.  As I love the layout and format of Zendesk I do not want to do this.



    Someone recently said:  In business, there is only one thing you should really really care about: keeping your customers happy.

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    Jake Holman

    @Michalec: I can see what you're asking for. Unfortunately it's unlikely we'll build some form of printing feature in the advanced way you want it. 

    Out of interest, could you not use a projector to go through all the tickets, or do they literally want 300 odd pages floating around the room?

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    Thanks for the fast reply

    We can.  We even have a projector though not in the room we usually use.  I think the biggest deal is he wants to have a pen in his hand, discuss each ticket, write notes on the ticket, then hand it to the person he wants to handle it so that we update Zendesk.  It would be nice to have the advanced print features but if that is not possible, a simple batch print feature / button (print all info for all not solved tickets) would be acceptable.  The only formatting it would really need is to start a new page with each ticket so that there is max 1 ticket per page. 

    Honestly, it doesn’t even have to be a print feature.  If Zendesk could generate a view like the list view but with all the tickets and all their comments / info I could copy it into Word and print it from there. 

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    Wow, sorry about the wall of text there.  I guess I shouldn't copy and paste out of Outlook.

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    community engine

    @Michalec: Copy and paste from Outlook to Notepad, then from Notepad to here. This should strip out most (if not all) of the HTML and formatting.

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    Dustin Trapani

    Yup, I need to print a hard copy of quite a few tickets so adding this feature would help a lot. In general, Zendesk is terrific though, much love!

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    But instead of going back and forth on how it should be and so on. Why not just make it simple to start with as one person further up here told how to. Then zendesk could improve it later as they see fit.

    It would atleast look much better than how it looks as of this moment when printing....

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    Glyn Boone

    One of the first needs our agents identified as they got started using the system!

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    Karen Berthiaume

    okay - first suggested almost 2 years ago...says planned...but when??

    We need to print tickets for some key clients for full documentation purposes (regulatory). 

    Ideally - either PRINT button to generate a PDF or print option in drop down list (currently update,merge,mark,delete).  Have it open up PC's locally installed devices so Zendesk does not need to worry about drivers. Current web printing has internal widgets boxes displaying which were not designed for client view, also has form fields that are not for customer eyes.  I can address the form fields in another way if we can't get print/no print on those fields but widgets should not display.

    So when?


    Also...if you get to printing...nice ot have it an option for AGENTS and CLIENT view  since sometimes we are only trying to do this because Client can't for their own purposes.

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    Chris Christie

    Among other reasons... This would be really handy so I can rub it in the face of my co-workers when they screw up tickets.


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    Ryan Freeman

    Another +1 for what would seem to be a no-brainer feature.

    I'm boggled that: 1) This wasn't included from the start, and 2) that this has been sitting here for years and not implemented.

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    Art McCooty


    Printing through my browser is ok. But printing through ZENDESK would be GREAT!!

    This feature really needs to be added.

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    Allen Miller

    We would also like to see a Zendesk formatted ticket option.

    Allen Miller

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    We also need the printing-without-all-the-internal-ticket-fields ability. has a feature that lets you click on a "print"-symbol. That pops up an overlay containing only the ticket comments. We need that feature. Come on Zendesk, you are great at everything else. Why is it so hard to make this feature happen?

    Best Regards,

    Christian Clifford

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    Alfonso Simó

    I'm trying Zendesk for my Computer Technical Support. I love Zendesk, but I need to prints some tickets! I really need it! Some other solutions can do it, I saw someone had coded a widget, but I don't have time for programming.

    Thanks, best regards!


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    Patrick B.

    As recently doing some research for using a helpdesk in a banking-institution I can not tell you how necessary this future is to get an nice formated print-out of the ticket which then can be filed to the customers dossier.


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